Benefits - fraud investigation

We are committed to preventing, detecting and investigating Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit fraud in Derby.

There is a dedicated team of fully trained and accredited counter fraud professionals and support staff at Derby City Council working to protect the public purse in Derby.

All allegations of Benefit Fraud received will be investigated thoroughly.

Investigators have authority to :

  • conduct surveillance
  • check bank accounts
  • check employee details
  • check utility records

They also and have access to numerous other sources of intelligence which assist in obtaining evidence of fraud.

Derby City Council investigators work closely with other agencies, including the Department For Work and Pensions to ensure all Social Security benefits at risk of abuse are indentified and investigated.

What is Benefit Fraud?

Benefit Fraud is a criminal offence which may involve:

  • deliberately failing to report a change in circumstances such as:
    • starting work
    • a partner joining the household
    • other people living in the property but not declared
    • leaving the property but continuing to claim.
  • providing false information such as:
    • not declaring the full amount of income, capital, savings and investments
    • false tenancy to claim rent
    • fictitious wages information.

In addition, any person can be guilty of an offence if they knowingly allow another to commit benefit fraud.

As well as the person claiming benefit, anyone suspected of involvement in a Benefit Fraud such as employers and landlords will be investigated.

What if Benefit Fraud is proven?

We take all cases of Benefit Fraud seriously and will:

  • recover all overpaid benefit
  • apply sanctions, including loss of future benefits where appropriate
  • prosecute serious offenders
  • use the Proceeds of Crime Act to strip offenders of any assets gained from their criminal activity.

What can I do to report benefit fraud?

If you suspect someone is committing benefit fraud please report it immediately. You can:

You can also ring the National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440.

Please note that you can remain anonymous and that your identity is not required.

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