A-Z of Services

Baby cost calculatorAdvice and benefits
Baby-sitting serviceCommunity and living
b-active see School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
Bail - information and adviceCommunity and living
Becketwell RegenerationEnvironment and planning
Bed Bugs - Information and AdviceEnvironment and planning
Before and after school clubsEducation and learning
Before, During and After a FloodEnvironment and planning
BefriendingHealth and social care
Being active in your communityHealth and social care
BenefitsAdvice and benefits
Benefits - fraud investigationAdvice and benefits
Benefits - Temporary Absence Advice and benefits
Bereavement see Death - bereavement - advice and supportCommunity and living
Bereavement see Deaths, funerals and cremationsCommunity and living
BettingLeisure and culture
bfit gym see GymsLeisure and culture
bfit membershipsLeisure and culture
BingoLeisure and culture
bins see Missed binsEnvironment and planning
bins see A-Z of Recycling and RubbishEnvironment and planning
Bins see Recycling, rubbish and wasteEnvironment and planning
Birth - certificate amendmentsCommunity and living
Birth - historical searchesCommunity and living
Birth - registeringCommunity and living
Birth certificate copies see Registration - copy certificatesCommunity and living
Birthday PartiesLeisure and culture
BirthsCommunity and living
black bin see A-Z of Recycling and RubbishEnvironment and planning
Blagreaves LibraryLeisure and culture
Blind see Support for people with visual impairmentHealth and social care
blue bin see A-Z of Recycling and RubbishEnvironment and planning
BMX track see Alvaston ParkEnvironment and planning
Boarding animals see Licence - boarding animalsEnvironment and planning
Books and readingLeisure and culture
Books on prescription - FAQsLeisure and culture
Books to help with stress and anxietyLeisure and culture
Bookstart - free book packs for childrenLeisure and culture
BreadsallEducation and learning
breakfast clubs see Before and after school clubsEducation and learning
Bridges see Roads - bridgesTransport and streets
British citizenship see Nationality checking service Advice and benefits
British heart foundation see CLOTHES+ Collection ServiceEnvironment and planning
Broadband see Superconnected DerbyBusiness
Budget plannerAdvice and benefits
Budgeting tools and tipsAdvice and benefits
Building controlEnvironment and planning
Building Control - Applying onlineEnvironment and planning
Building control - FAQsEnvironment and planning
Building new homesHousing
Bullying and harassment policyEducation and learning
Burials see Deaths, funerals and cremationsCommunity and living
Burials see Funeral - burialsCommunity and living
Bus pass see Public transportTransport and streets
Bus Service Operators Grant - BSOGTransport and streets
bus station; advertising see Advertise in the Bus StationBusiness
Bus tickets see SpectrumTransport and streets
Business adviceBusiness
Business AdviceAdvice and benefits
Business Advice PacksAdvice and benefits
Business Broadband see Superconnected DerbyBusiness
Business properties see Property and land lettingsBusiness
Business property for sale see Property and land - salesHousing
Business ratesBusiness
Business rates - account enquiriesBusiness
Business rates - annual notificationBusiness
Business rates - information and adviceBusiness
Business rates - reductionsBusiness
Business support see Support for your businessBusiness
Business support and adviceBusiness
Buy With Confidence see Trader approval schemes - Buy with ConfidenceAdvice and benefits
Buy with Confidence - Business FAQsAdvice and benefits
Buy with Confidence - Consumer FAQsAdvice and benefits
Buy with Confidence approved tradersAdvice and benefits