A-Z of Services

Hackney Carriage Driver see Taxis - Hackney Carriage DriverTransport and streets
Hackney Carriage Vehicle see Taxis - Hackney Carriage VehicleTransport and streets
Half term activities see School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
Harassment see Stalking and harassmentCommunity and living
Hate crimeCommunity and living
HealthEducation and learning
Health see Health ChecksHealth and social care
Health and safetyBusiness
Health and safety - accident reportingBusiness
Health and safety - syringe disposalHealth and social care
Health and safety at work - regulation and inspectionBusiness
Health and social careHealth and social care
Health and well-being see Being active in your communityHealth and social care
Health and WellbeingHealth and social care
Health and Wellbeing BoardHealth and social care
Health ChecksHealth and social care
Health effects of money worriesAdvice and benefits
Heart City – fighting heart disease in DerbyHealth and social care
Help at home see Choices and types of support available locallyHealth and social care
Highway FloodingEnvironment and planning
History of Derby see Local studies collection - resources for local and family historyLeisure and culture
Holiday activities see School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
Holiday activities see Cycle DerbyEducation and learning
Holiday activities see The MovementEducation and learning
Holiday ActivitiesLeisure and culture
Holiday ScamsCommunity and living
Home Energy Conservation Act report 2015Environment and planning
Home energy information, advice and helpEnvironment and planning
Home improvements - disability facility grantsHousing
Home Library ServiceLeisure and culture
Home schooling see School - home schoolingEducation and learning
Home to School Transport ConsultationCouncil and democracy
Homework and study supportLeisure and culture
Horses see Licence - riding establishmentEnvironment and planning
Hospitalisation see Benefits - Temporary Absence Advice and benefits
Hot Weather GuidanceHealth and social care
House to house collections see Licence - house to house collectionsBusiness
Household waste - bulky wasteEnvironment and planning
Household waste - clinical wasteEnvironment and planning
Household waste - rubbish collection timesEnvironment and planning
Household waste - what to put in which bin Environment and planning
Housing - information and adviceHousing
Housing - strategies and policiesCouncil and democracy
Housing adviceHousing
Housing advice - older peopleHousing
Housing advice - young peopleHousing
Housing benefit - appealsAdvice and benefits
Housing benefit - backdated claimsAdvice and benefits
Housing benefit - change of circumstancesAdvice and benefits
Housing benefit - information for landlordsAdvice and benefits
Housing benefit - overpaymentsAdvice and benefits
Housing benefit and Council tax support - new claimAdvice and benefits
Housing Related Support ServicesCouncil and democracy
Housing Standards in the Private Rented SectorHousing
How do I become a foster carer in Derby?Health and social care
How much does it cost to use Darley Barn?Education and learning
HS2Environment and planning
Hypnotism see Licence - stage hypnotismLeisure and culture