A-Z of Services

Land and premisesHousing
Land and property - sales see Property and land - salesHousing
Land and property lettings see Property and land lettingsBusiness
Land Drainage ConsentEnvironment and planning
Land register see Property and land - ownership enquiriesHousing
Landlords see Research and intelligenceHousing
Landlords see Derby Accredited Property SchemeHousing
Landowner search see Property and land - ownership enquiriesHousing
Language and cultural supportCommunity and living
LAS see The Single Discretionary Award SchemeAdvice and benefits
Latest newsEnvironment and planning
Latest newsHealth and social care
Law in BriefTransport and streets
Leadership of the CouncilCouncil and democracy
Leaflet distribution see Licence - distribution of free printed materialBusiness
Learn to SwimLeisure and culture
Learning choices at 16Education and learning
Learning in librariesLeisure and culture
Leaving schoolEducation and learning
Legal adviceAdvice and benefits
Leisure and cultureLeisure and culture
Leisure EventsLeisure and culture
Leisure, Culture and TourismCouncil and democracy
LibrariesLeisure and culture
Libraries offer to schoolsLeisure and culture
Library job clubsLeisure and culture
Library support for people living with dementia and their carersLeisure and culture
Licence - alcohol and entertainmentLeisure and culture
Licence - boarding animalsEnvironment and planning
Licence - caravan siteEnvironment and planning
Licence - child employmentEducation and learning
Licence - dangerous animalsEnvironment and planning
Licence - distribution of free printed materialBusiness
Licence - dog breedingEnvironment and planning
Licence - gambling permitsLeisure and culture
Licence - gambling premisesLeisure and culture
Licence - gaming machine categories see Gaming machines categories and restrictionsLeisure and culture
Licence - house to house collectionsBusiness
Licence - pet shopEnvironment and planning
Licence - riding establishmentEnvironment and planning
Licence - scaffolding and hoardingEnvironment and planning
Licence - scrap metal dealerBusiness
Licence - sex shopsLeisure and culture
Licence - stage hypnotismLeisure and culture
Licence - street collectionsBusiness
Licence - venue for civil marriage and civil partnershipBusiness
Licence – Hackney Carriage Driver see Taxis - Hackney Carriage DriverTransport and streets
Licence – Hackney Carriage Vehicle see Taxis - Hackney Carriage VehicleTransport and streets
Licence – Private Hire Driver see Taxis - Private Hire DriverTransport and streets
Licence – Private Hire Operator see Taxis – Private Hire OperatorTransport and streets
Licence – Private Hire Vehicle see Taxis - Private Hire Vehicle Transport and streets
Licences and street tradingBusiness
Licensed Premises Gaming Machine PermitsLeisure and culture
Lighthouse - residential breaks see Residential breaksHealth and social care
Lighting - street lightsTransport and streets
Lighting - traffic lightsTransport and streets
Listed buildings registerEnvironment and planning
litter see Street Cleaning ProgrammeEnvironment and planning
living see City LivingEnvironment and planning
Living independently at homeHealth and social care
Local Assistance see The Single Discretionary Award SchemeAdvice and benefits
Local economy - developmentEnvironment and planning
Local Flood Risk Management StrategyEnvironment and planning
Local housing allowanceAdvice and benefits
Local land charges - personal searchHousing
Local land charges searchHousing
Local Offer FAQsEducation and learning
Local plan - mineralsEnvironment and planning
Local plan - wasteEnvironment and planning
Local Plan Part 1 Evidence BaseEnvironment and planning
Local Plan, Part 1 Core Strategy ExaminationEnvironment and planning
Local Studies and Family History LibraryLeisure and culture
Local studies collection - resources for local and family historyLeisure and culture
Local sustainable transport fundTransport and streets
Lock up and back upCommunity and living
Lock up on the moveCommunity and living
Lock up your lifeCommunity and living
Loneliness see Being active in your communityHealth and social care
Looking After Yourself and Keeping HealthyHealth and social care
Lottery LicencesLeisure and culture
Low and high rope challenge courses Education and learning