A-Z of Services

Paddling pool see Markeaton ParkEnvironment and planning
Paid for Business SearchesBusiness
Parent ChampionsEducation and learning
Parental Contributions Policy ConsultationCouncil and democracy
Parental supportEducation and learning
Parenting ordersCommunity and living
Parenting supportCommunity and living
ParkingTransport and streets
Parking fines see Street parking - enforcement and finesTransport and streets
Parking fines - making a challenge see Appeal parking Penalty Charge Notices - information and adviceTransport and streets
Parking permits see Street parking - permitsTransport and streets
Parking zones see Street parking - zonesTransport and streets
Parks and open spacesEnvironment and planning
Parks and open spaces - information and adviceEnvironment and planning
Parks and open spaces eventsEnvironment and planning
Parks Friends GroupsEnvironment and planning
Partially sighted see Support for people with visual impairmentHealth and social care
Passport to Leisure see Derby Leisure CardLeisure and culture
Pavements - personal injuryCommunity and living
Paying for care see Planning for the futureHealth and social care
Paying for your own careHealth and social care
Pear Tree LibraryLeisure and culture
Peregrine Falcons in DerbyEnvironment and planning
Peregrine Webcam Page 1Environment and planning
Peregrine Webcam Page 2Environment and planning
Peregrine Webcam Page 3Environment and planning
Peregrine Webcam Page 4Environment and planning
PerformanceCouncil and democracy
Performance VenueEnvironment and planning
Performing Animals LicenceEnvironment and planning
Permits see Street parking - permitsTransport and streets
Personal assistants - information and adviceHealth and social care
Personal budgetsHealth and social care
Personal licencesLeisure and culture
Personal treatmentBusiness
Pest controlEnvironment and planning
Pest control – Information and adviceEnvironment and planning
Pest Control Relating to Food BusinessesHealth and social care
Pet care - help and adviceEnvironment and planning
Pet shop see Licence - pet shopEnvironment and planning
PetitionsCouncil and democracy
Piercing see Registration - tattoos, piercing and electrolysisBusiness
Pigeons - Information and AdviceEnvironment and planning
Pitch and Putt see Golf coursesLeisure and culture
Pitches see Sports pitches and courtsLeisure and culture
Placements see Derby City Council ApprenticeshipsJobs and careers
PlanningEnvironment and planning
Planning - high hedgesEnvironment and planning
Planning and Flood Risk ManagementEnvironment and planning
Planning applications forms and guidanceEnvironment and planning
Planning constraintsEnvironment and planning
Planning for the futureHealth and social care
Planning policyEnvironment and planning
PlaygroundsEnvironment and planning
Policies and plansCouncil and democracy
Policy and strategy for highwaysTransport and streets
PollutionEnvironment and planning
Pollution control - contaminated landEnvironment and planning
Pollution control - noiseEnvironment and planning
Pool bettingLeisure and culture
Population see Derby's populationCouncil and democracy
Post-16 learning choices see Learning choices at 16Education and learning
Post-16 learning optionsEducation and learning
Pre Application Advice for businessEnvironment and planning
Pre Application advice for ResidentsEnvironment and planning
Premises licencesLeisure and culture
Premises licences and club premises certificatesLeisure and culture
Press OfficeCouncil and democracy
Press releases and statementsCouncil and democracy
Press releases and statements archiveCouncil and democracy
Prevent Community and living
Preventative services - young childrenCommunity and living
Previous Years S251 Budget StatementEducation and learning
Previous Years S251 Outturn StatementEducation and learning
Previous Years School BudgetsEducation and learning
Primary AuthorityAdvice and benefits
Primary AuthorityHealth and social care
Primary school admissionsEducation and learning
Primary school educationTransport and streets
Priority FamiliesHealth and social care
Priority Families criteriaHealth and social care
Prison see Benefits - Temporary Absence Advice and benefits
Private Hire Driver see Taxis - Private Hire DriverTransport and streets
Private Hire Operator see Taxis – Private Hire OperatorTransport and streets
Private Hire Vehicle see Taxis - Private Hire Vehicle Transport and streets
Prize Gaming PermitLeisure and culture
Procurement - contract managementBusiness
Procurement - contracts listBusiness
Procurement - policyBusiness
Product Recalls and Safety NoticesAdvice and benefits
Product SafetyAdvice and benefits
Product SafetyAdvice and benefits
Project overviewEnvironment and planning
Project Zao - Stand Up To Knife CrimeCommunity and living
Promotional spaceCouncil and democracy
Property and land - ownership enquiriesHousing
Property and land - salesHousing
Property and land lettingsBusiness
Proposed Working OptionsTransport and streets
Protecting Vulnerable Adults BoardCouncil and democracy
Public health - cooling tower notificationEnvironment and planning
Public Health funeralsEnvironment and planning
Public Interest Report 2016Council and democracy
Public transportTransport and streets
Purple Flag see Night time economy - Purple FlagBusiness