A-Z of Services

Safe FoodHealth and social care
Safeguarding adultsHealth and social care
Safeguarding adultsHealth and social care
Safeguarding adultsHealth and social care
Safeguarding adults trainingHealth and social care
Safeguarding and Children and Young PeopleCouncil and democracy
Safeguarding childrenHealth and social care
SafetyCommunity and living
Sandbag PolicyEnvironment and planning
Savings calculatorAdvice and benefits
Scaffolding see Licence - scaffolding and hoardingEnvironment and planning
Scam savvyCommunity and living
School - closuresEducation and learning
School - exclusion of pupilsEducation and learning
School - home schoolingEducation and learning
School - term and holiday datesEducation and learning
School - travel supportEducation and learning
School - truancyEducation and learning
School admissions - appealsEducation and learning
School governorsEducation and learning
School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
school holiday care see Before and after school clubsEducation and learning
School transport - 16-19 year oldsEducation and learning
Schools - financial informationEducation and learning
Schools - information and contact detailsEducation and learning
Schools - transportEducation and learning
Schools Accessibility StrategyCommunity and living
Schools and collegesEducation and learning
Schools' ForumEducation and learning
Scrap metal see Licence - scrap metal dealerBusiness
ScrutinyCouncil and democracy
Scrutiny see PerformanceCouncil and democracy
Secondary school admissionsEducation and learning
Secondary school educationTransport and streets
Section 19 Flooding InvestigationsEnvironment and planning
Self Build and Custom Housebuilding RegisterEnvironment and planning
Self Build and Custom Housebuilding RegisterEnvironment and planning
Self funder see Paying for your own careHealth and social care
SEN see EHC assessments and plansEducation and learning
SEND Local Offer DisclaimerEducation and learning
SENDIASS Young People SupportEducation and learning
Senior Management SalariesCouncil and democracy
service see CLOTHES+ Collection ServiceEnvironment and planning
Sewer FloodingEnvironment and planning
Sex shops see Licence - sex shopsLeisure and culture
Sharing social care dataCouncil and democracy
Short breaks for carers see Respite care for adultsHealth and social care
Short term care in your homeHealth and social care
Silk Mill Renovation Environment and planning
Single Discretionary Award PolicyCouncil and democracy
Single Discretionary Award Scheme see The Single Discretionary Award SchemeAdvice and benefits
Sitting my child in the front seatTransport and streets
Skin piercing see Registration - tattoos, piercing and electrolysisBusiness
Skip permitsEnvironment and planning
Smoking ban enforcementEnvironment and planning
Snow see Roads - winter serviceTransport and streets
Snow and ice - information and adviceTransport and streets
Social care - out of hours supportHealth and social care
Social care assessment see Assessment for adult social careHealth and social care
Social care training see Training servicesHealth and social care
Sources of FloodingEnvironment and planning
Space@connexions see Young people - information and adviceCommunity and living
Special educational needs - transportEducation and learning
Special Needs and Disabilities VisionCouncil and democracy
Special Offers; advertising see Special Offers on advertising in DerbyBusiness
SpectrumTransport and streets
SpondonEducation and learning
Sponsorship opportunities in Derby parksBusiness
Sports FacilitiesLeisure and culture
SportsDerbyEducation and learning
Squirrels - Information and AdviceEnvironment and planning
Stables see Licence - riding establishmentEnvironment and planning
Staffing and Personnel Health and social care
Stakeholder Consultation and EngagementTransport and streets
Stalking and harassmentCommunity and living
Standing up for DerbyTransport and streets
Statement of Community InvolvementCouncil and democracy
Statistics census neighbourhood profiles health crime education environment see Neighbourhood ProfilesCouncil and democracy
Stay safe onlineCommunity and living
Stay warm this winterTransport and streets
Stillbirth - registeringCommunity and living
Street care and cleaningEnvironment and planning
Street Cleaning ProgrammeEnvironment and planning
Street collections see Licence - street collectionsBusiness
Street lights see Lighting - street lightsTransport and streets
Street parking - enforcement and finesTransport and streets
Street parking - permitsTransport and streets
Street parking - zonesTransport and streets
Streetpride ChampionsCommunity and living
Substance abuse see Alcohol, drugs and substance misuseHealth and social care
Substance misuseHealth and social care
SuDS Adoption in DerbyEnvironment and planning
SuDS Approval Body (SAB)Environment and planning
SuDS Design and Adoption GuidanceEnvironment and planning
Summer holiday activities see School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
Superconnected DerbyBusiness
Supplier payments over £500Council and democracy
Supplying to Derby City CouncilBusiness
Support for people with AutismHealth and social care
Support for people with visual impairmentHealth and social care
Support for young people in care see Childrens Rights ServiceHealth and social care
Support for your businessBusiness
Support from adult social careHealth and social care
Support groupsCommunity and living
Support plansHealth and social care
Supporting Derby's WorkforceCouncil and democracy
Surface Water FloodingEnvironment and planning
Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)Environment and planning
SwimmingLeisure and culture
Syringe disposal see Health and safety - syringe disposalHealth and social care