A-Z of Services

Talking PointsHealth and social care
Tattoos see Registration - tattoos, piercing and electrolysisBusiness
Taxi issues not dealt with by the Licensing TeamTransport and streets
TaxisTransport and streets
Taxis - customer information and adviceTransport and streets
Taxis - Licensed DriverTransport and streets
Taxis - Licensed OperatorTransport and streets
Taxis - Licensed VehicleTransport and streets
Team BuildingEducation and learning
Team Building - corporateEducation and learning
Telecare see CarelinkHealth and social care
Temporary events noticesLeisure and culture
Tenders and contractsBusiness
Term dates see School - term and holiday dates. School holidaysEducation and learning
TEST1 see Advice and benefitsAdvice and benefits
The Apprentice ExperienceJobs and careers
The Bemrose School - Proposals to increase school placesCouncil and democracy
The Big Conversation Council and democracy
The Big Conversation videosCouncil and democracy
The Extended Free Childcare OfferCommunity and living
The Extended Free Childcare OfferEducation and learning
The Future of the Library Service in DerbyCouncil and democracy
The Future of the Library Service in Derby Phase 2Council and democracy
The Handyperson ServiceHousing
The Healthy Housing HubHealth and social care
The Healthy Housing HubHousing
The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)Environment and planning
The MovementEducation and learning
The PledgeHealth and social care
The Single Discretionary Award SchemeAdvice and benefits
The SpotEnvironment and planning
TherapeuticHealth and social care
Things to do on our parksLeisure and culture
Tidyco Case StudyEnvironment and planning
TimelineTransport and streets
Tourism and travelLeisure and culture
Town centre managementBusiness
Town centres - closed circuit televisionBusiness
Town twinningLeisure and culture
Trader approval scheme see Buy with Confidence - Consumer FAQsAdvice and benefits
Trader approval schemes - Buy with ConfidenceAdvice and benefits
Trading standardsAdvice and benefits
Trading standards - retailAdvice and benefits
Trading standards - weighbridgesAdvice and benefits
Trading standards - weights and measuresAdvice and benefits
Traffic and TravelTransport and streets
Traffic lights see Lighting - traffic lightsTransport and streets
Training services - Adult SafeguardingHealth and social care
Transport and streetsTransport and streets
Travel plan toolkitTransport and streets
Tree managementEnvironment and planning
Tree preservation ordersEnvironment and planning
Trusted traders see Buy with Confidence approved tradersAdvice and benefits
twinning see Town twinningLeisure and culture
Two Day Adventure CourseEducation and learning