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Need a copy certificate?

You can apply and pay for a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate online, anytime at our customer service portal Derby Direct to You.

Need a copy urgently? If you order before 12:30 Monday – Friday, you can collect the certificate from the Council House after 3pm on the same day.

Why might I need to amend a birth certificate?

Birth entries record the facts at the time of the birth from which birth certificates are issued.

It may be possible to change the details or add to the information originally recorded if:

  • errors made on a birth certificate at the time of registration that need correcting
  • changes made to a child's forename
  • re-registration of the birth following a change of circumstance.

How do I correct errors on a birth certificate?

If errors are discovered on the birth certificate, you may be able to change or add details. You should contact the register office where the birth was registered to do this.

To make an application to correct a birth certificate, the person who registered the child should ideally do this with the original register office. He or she will need to produce documentary evidence to prove an error was made at the time of registration.

How do I change a child's forename on a birth certificate?

You can change a child's forename(s) within 12 months of the birth registration in one of two ways:

  • new forenames given in baptism within 12 months of the birth being registered. You need to complete the Certificate of name given in baptism
  • new forenames given in any other way (known as "not in baptism") within 12 months of the birth being registered. You need to complete the Certificate of name not given in baptism.

If your child has been baptised, only the baptismal names can be added to the register - the minister with custody of the baptismal register needs to confirm this with the Certificate of name not given in baptism form.

  • You must be the mother, father or guardian of the child to be able make the change
  • You can only change forenames once
  • You must comply with any court orders in force about the naming of your child
  • If you wish to change a child's surname on a birth certificate you can only do so to correct a spelling mistake

How do I re-register a birth?

In certain circumstances, a birth entry may be re-registered. Re-registration is the completion of a new record of birth that supersedes an original registration:

  • to record the natural father's details in the birth record
  • following the marriage of the natural parents, if they were not married at the time of the birth

In these circumstances, you are able to change the child's surname to the mother's or the father's - or a combination of the two - as long as both parents agree to the change. If the child is 16 years of age or over, his or her written consent must be obtained before the surname can be changed.

What information will I need to supply for registration?

  • You will need to obtain and complete the form LA1 or GRO185 from the Direct Gov website
  • A copy of the original birth entry
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Is there a fee for re-registration?

No, the re-registration is free but there is the usual charge for the issue of any new certificates.

If you would like to buy new certificates you can order and pay for them at our customer services portal Derby Direct to You or visit the Council House. You will need to pay by debit or credit card as we only accept cash in certain circumstances.

Change of name deeds

If it is not possible to make a change to a birth certificate it may be possible to change a name or surname of a child by a change of name deed. Derby Register Office also offers a change of name service at a competitive price. Please contact us for further details.

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