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The Mayor is the first Citizen of the City of Derby. There have been Mayors in Derby since 1835. This page answers the questions people frequently ask about the Mayor of Derby.

Who are the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Derby?

The Mayor of the City of Derby for 2014/15 is Councillor Shiraz Khan.

The Deputy Mayor of the City of Derby for 2014/15 is Councillor Paul Pegg.

What are the duties of the Mayor?

The Mayor devotes most of their time to:

  • the promotion of the city
  • key initiatives of the council
  • supporting a wide range of mainly Derby-based organisations.

In carrying out this role, the Mayor will carry out approximately 800 to 1,500 engagements a year. These engagements cover a wide spectrum of events from major royal visits to small community group meetings and local charity events.

The Mayor also chairs the meeting of the Full Council - when all councillors meet together.

The post of the Mayor of Derby is different to the Mayor of London and many European city mayors in that it is a ceremonial post which does not carry direct power and the Mayor is not directly elected by the people.

The Mayor, as first citizen of Derby, is the person that typically welcomes important visitors and dignitaries to the city. However, royal visitors to the city are organised and welcomed by the Queen's representative, The Lord Lieutenant for Derbyshire.

Mayoral list of engagements

How is the Mayor chosen?

The Mayor is elected annually in May when all councillors meet together at the Annual Council Meeting. The Mayor has to be a councillor and is chosen by the other councillors who serve on Derby City Council. The Mayor continues to be a member of the council during their term of office.

For how long does a Mayor serve?

The term of office for the Mayor is one year. It begins once the 'Mayor-Making' ceremony has taken place and is followed by the Mayor's first engagement of chairing the Annual Council Meeting in May. There is no limit for how many times somebody may serve as the Mayor of Derby.

Attendance of The Mayor at Functions

If you invite the Mayor to an event or function, there are protocols that need to be followed to reflect their status as First Citizen.

A responsible person should meet the Mayor at the entrance on arrival and address him as Mr Mayor – and the Mayoress as Madam Mayoress - and then introduce him / them to the host or the assembled company.

When The Mayor enters on more formal occasions, those present should rise and this should be repeated when he leaves.

Unless The Mayor occupies the Chair, he should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman (assuming Royalty, the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff are not present). 

If The Mayor is to speak, his toast or reply should appear early on the toast list and any background information should be sent to The Mayor's Office as soon as possible. 

The formal announcement of The Mayor is "The Right Worshipful, The Mayor of the City of Derby, Councillor Shiraz Khan".

The Mayor will normally be accompanied by a Chauffeur Attendant and you should inform him of parking facilities and the anticipated time that the event will end.

Councillor Shiraz KhanThe Mayor of the City of Derby 2014 to 2015, Councillor Shiraz Khan

Shiraz was born in Kashmir and came to England, along with his mother to join his father, who had been living and working in England since 1959. Shiraz was six years old when the family arrived in Derby and they have lived in Derby ever since.

Shiraz went to St James Infant School on the corner of Osmaston Road and Reginald Street. After leaving there he went to Shelton Lock Junior School and then to Shelton Lock Senior High School.

He left school and went to Wilmorton College of Further Education where he studied for his ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

Shiraz left college in 1979 and worked for six months at Rolls Royce Limited. In 1980 he left Rolls Royce and, in partnership with the family, opened a grocery shop on Normanton Road. He worked there from 1980 – 1983, after which he was a proprietor of a taxi firm up to 1989. Since 1989 to present he has been running a subpost office and newsagents just outside Derby.

Shiraz is married to Taj Begum and they have five grown up children as well as two grandchildren, who he adores. He has been married too long to count the years!

Shiraz became interested in local politics in 1992 and has been so ever since. He stood as a Labour Party candidate in 2004 and was elected at the first time of standing. He narrowly lost his sea in 2008 but was elected again in 2010.

Shiraz’s leisure interests include watching football, (supporting Liverpool and Derby), cricket (supporting England and Pakistan) and anybody else who beats the Aussies!

He enjoys playing snooker and listening to country music. Any further spare time is taken up watching cartoons with his granddaughters who are two years and six years old.

The Mayor's Parlour at The Council House

The Mayor is pleased to accommodate pre-arranged tours of the Parlour, Jacob Rivers VC Room and Council Chamber, for example for educational visits for schools or for members of local clubs and organisations.

Mayor's Charities

The Mayor will support the following charities and should you wish to make a donation please call the Mayor's Office for methods of payment for:

Mayor's Theme

The Mayor's theme for his term of office is: 'health is wealth'.

Mayor's dietary requirements

Please note that the Mayor prefers halal meat, fish or a vegetarian option, if he and the Mayoress are invited to eat with you.

How do I contact the Mayor?

The Mayor's Office staff are always happy to discuss the Mayor's availability to attend or host an event and to advise on protocol. You should contact them if you have any questions.

The Deputy Mayor of the City of Derby 2014 to 2015, Councillor Paul Pegg

Paul Pegg was born in Freehold Street, Derby in 1947, the eldest of three boys. He lived there with his parents Evelyn and Siv Pegg.

As a boy of four, he lived on Markeaton Park before moving to the newly-built Shirley Road, Chaddesden. At the age of six the family moved back to Freehold Street until the house were pulled down under the redevelopment plans.

Paul attended Firs Estate Infant and Junior School in Raven Street before moving on to Rykneld Secondary Modern. He left school and took up an apprenticeship at J Bonus and Sons, Coke Street / Lynton Street. It was while he was working at Bonus’ that he met his wife Jill.

He then attended Derby Technical College on Kedleston Road and gained National Technology in Textiles.

Paul then worked as a milk rounds-man with Derby Co-op for 10 years before returning to the textile trade with Lilley’s Narrow Fabrics at Borrowash. When Lilley’s closed he joined a fire protection company until he gave up employment in 2000 to look after his wife full time until she sadly died in 2007.

Paul has two grown-up children, Nathan and Donna and three grandsons: Adam (25); Ashley (21) and Conor (17).

He has lived on the Mackworth Estate for 38 years and over the years he has been involved in helping to set up a number of charities, including the Mackworth Estate Community Association, which he set up with his late friend, Terry Kelsall.

Paul is a season ticket-holder and life-long supporter of Derby County FC.

Notes on the Attendance of The Deputy Mayor at Functions

The Deputy Mayor, when representing the Mayor and First Citizen of Derby, should be accorded due precedence within the city.

A responsible person should meet The Deputy Mayor at the entrance on arrival – address him as Mr Deputy Mayor - and should introduce him to the host or the assembled company.
When The Deputy Mayor enters on more formal occasions, those present should rise and this should be repeated when he leaves.

Unless The Deputy Mayor occupies the Chair, he should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman (assuming Royalty, the Lord Lieutenant or High Sheriff are not present).

If The Deputy Mayor is to speak, his toast or reply should appear early on the toast list and any background information should be sent to The Mayor's Office in advance.

The formal announcement of The Deputy Mayor is "The Right Worshipful, The Deputy Mayor of the City of Derby, Councillor Paul Pegg".

The Deputy Mayor will normally be accompanied by a Chauffeur/Attendant and he should be advised of parking facilities and the anticipated end time for the event.

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