Derby's Youth Mayor

The role of the Youth Mayor is to represent young people and Derby City Council at events across the city and support the Mayor where appropriate.

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Who are Derby's Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor?

This year's Derby Youth Mayor is Philip Hutchinson and the Deputy Youth Mayor is Kirsty Glover. They were elected on 13th July 2015 and will be in office for one year.

What is the role of Youth Mayor?

The Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor for Derby help raise awareness of the positive contribution young people make to our city and ensure their voices are heard. We want young people to be able to contribute to the development and delivery of public services and to play an active role in developing community cohesion. The Youth Mayor will have the opportunity to work with partners to extend opportunities for young people in our local areas.

Who can stand as Youth Mayor?

Any young person can stand for Youth Mayor as long as:

  • they live in Derby
  • are between the ages of 11-19 or up to 25 if you are a disabled young person
  • are a member of the Voices in Action (ViA) Youth Council and
  • have the permission of their parent/carer and school/college/training provider.

How do I apply to stand for Youth Mayor?

Applications to stand for Youth Mayor are now closed. The Youth Mayor election took place on 13th July 2015 and the city's second Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor were elected.

To find out more about joining the Voice in Action Youth Council or about the Youth Mayor elections, call Adele Styles on 01332 643471, minicom 01332 640666, or email

Youth Mayor Candidates Speeches

Nine candidates stood to be elected the Youth Mayor for Derby on 13th July 2015:

  • Simran Atwal
  • Kirsty Glover
  • Philip Hutchinson
  • Rumana Idris
  • Danish Iqbal
  • Sagar Johnson
  • Ihtisham Nadim
  • Tiny Simbani
  • James Sismey

 You can watch their speeches below.

Simran Atwal speech for Youth Mayor 2015.

Kirsty Glover Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Philip Hutchinson Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Rumana Idris Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Danish Iqbal Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Sagar Johnson Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Ihtisham Nadim Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

Tiny Simbani Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

James Sismey Youth Mayor 2015 speech.

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