Leadership of the Council

What is 'the Cabinet'?

The Leader of the Council chairs Cabinet meetings, and chooses the Councillors who will form the Cabinet.

Cabinet meetings take place 12 times a year. Any decision with a financial impact, whether it be a cost or saving, above £100,000 is normally decided by a Cabinet member or by all Cabinet members sitting collectively.

The Cabinet has overall responsibility for services in Derby and works within the overall policies and budget agreed by the Council. It makes recommendations to the Full Council on key items of policy and the annual budget.


Cllr Banwait Leader of the Council - Councillor Ranjit Banwait

Ranjit Banwait was born and brought up in Normanton, Derby. He attended Dale Primary School and then Village Community School off the Austin Estate.

The son of postman with 35 years' experience at Derby Royal Mail and a school cleaner, Ranjit became the first person in his family to attend university, graduating from the University of Kent. After a short spell living in London he moved back to Derby to settle down and raise a family.

He is married and lives in Alvaston with his wife Lucy, son Sebastian and daughter Constance. He has been a councillor for Boulton since 2006.

As well as being the Leader of the Council, Cllr Banwait is the Cabinet Member for Strategy and Policy, Cllr Banwait's main priorities are:

  • To implement the Administration's 15 Year Vision and the Derby Plan.
  • To provide strong and effective corporate governance.

He will do this by:

  • overseeing the implementation of the Cabinet's priorities and by supporting his fellow Cabinet Members
  • implementing stringent procedures, policies and practices across the Council

Councillor Banwait's responsibilities include:

  • overall strategic leadership
  • human resources
  • legal services
  • democracy
  • finance and procurement
  • revenue and benefits
  • customer services
  • business support
  • ICT and business systems
  • performance and improvement
  • transformation.

 Photo of Councillor Martin Rawson‌ Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and City Centre Regeneration  - Councillor Martin Rawson

Martin Rawson became a Councillor for Derwent ward in a 2005 by-election that contributed to Labour taking control of Derby City Council. Martin has sat on several overview and scrutiny commissions as well as committees dealing with licensing, personnel and audit and accounts. He spent two years as Cabinet Member for Children and Young People from May 2012 before becoming Deputy Leader of the Council and taking ownership of the Planning, Environment and Regeneration portfolio two years later.  

Councillor Rawson's main priority is: 

  • to create sustainable prosperity in the local economy – both in the city centre and in wards.

He will do this by:

  • regenerating the city centre and the community district centres.

Councillor Rawson's responsibilities include:

  • inward investment and regeneration
  • Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership
  • development control
  • spatial planning
  • Deby LIVE
  • museums and libraries
  • parks and open spaces
  • Livewell
  • leisure facilities.


Councillor Sara BoltonCabinet Member for Safeguarding and Children and Young People - Councillor Sara Bolton

Councillor Sara Bolton has served on Derby City Council for over 30 years and is now the longest serving Member.

She moved to Derby when she was 7 years of age and has lived in the City ever since. She was educated at St Mary's Catholic Primary School, St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Comprehensive and Wilmorton College, now Derby College.

Sara represents Chaddesden Ward and has served on many committees and Boards during this time. Her latest previous role was the Chair of the Planning Control Committee.

She was the youngest ever Mayor of the City Derby from May 1999 until May 2000 serving the City over the Millennium. Her total engagements for her special year reached 1,348 and Sara raised over £94,000 for local charities.

Sara has always had a passion to serve her constituents and the Derby residents so they get the best. This will continue in her new role as the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People and Safeguarding.

Councillor Bolton's main priority is:

  • to make sure children grow up free from neglect, abuse and exploitation.

She will do this by:

  •  providing strong safeguarding and by working in partnership with agencies to identify and protect children at risk.

 Councillor Bolton's responsibilities include:

  • early interventions
  • safeguarding children
  • children in care.


 Cllr Russell‌Cabinet Member for Educations and Skills - Councillor Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell is originally from Sheffield but moved to Derby to study. She is a University of Derby law graduate who became heavily involved in local campaigns, leading calls to protect care homes and children's centres in the city during 2010/11.

Sarah was elected as Councillor for Abbey ward in a by-election in 2011, retaining the seat for a further four-year term 12 months later. Sarah became the youngest Council Cabinet member in the country in May 2012 when she assumed the portfolio for Business, Finance and Democracy aged 22.

Councillor Russells main priority is:

  • to make sure that children and young people fulfil their potential and achieve upward social mobility through education and skills.

She will do this by:

  •  making sure all children and young people get the best possible education and workplace experience.

Councillor Russell's responsibilities include:

  • school organisation and provision
  • quality, standards and performance
  • inclusion and intervention
  • adult learning.


Councillor Fareed Hussain photo June 2015Cabinet Member for Urban Renewal - Councillor Fareed Hussain

Fareed Hussain came to live in Derby in 1974. After a variety of jobs in private industry and a short spell as self-employed restaurateur, he became a Day Worker in Social Services with Derbyshire County Council in 1985.

Fareed was elected to Derby City Council in 1991, representing, Babington Ward and has served Arboretum Ward since 2002. He has played a lead role in shaping children's services in the city over recent years as Chair of overview and scrutiny commissions and as Cabinet Member.

Councillor Hussain's main priority is:

to provide safe, clean and thriving neighbourhoods where people chose to live.

He will do this by:

  •  providing access to decent housing and tacking the issues preventing this.

Councillor Hussain's responsibilities include:

  • housing strategy
  • housing options service
  • empty homes
  • Derby Homes
  • housing development.


Councillor AfzalCabinet Member for Cohesion and Integration - Councillor Asaf Afzal

Proud to be born and bred in Derby and raised and educated at local schools in Chaddesden, Asaf Afzal was elected as a Councillor in May 2011.

He has represented the Council on a range of forums and committees such as the Disabled People’s Diversity Forum and the Minority Communities Diversity Forum, as well sitting on Planning Control Committee and Conservation Area Advisory Committee. Asaf’s experiences on these committees and as chair of the Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Board have placed him well to fulfil his new role as Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride.

Councillor Afzal's main priority is:

  • to create cohesive and integrated communities.

He will do this by:

  • encouraging communities to work collaboratively to improve their quality of life and that of their neighbours and by tacking the risks and threats to cohesion and integration

Councillor Afzal's responsibilities include:

  • traffic and transportation
  • grounds maintenance and cleansing
  • highways and engineering
  • waste management and disposal
  • communities
  • neighbourhood partnerships.


Cllr Repton Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care  - Councillor Martin Repton

Martin Repton was first elected to the Council in 1987 and has served in a variety of positions since then. Prior to assuming his current Council Cabinet portfolio, Martin has been responsible for areas including planning and transport, lesiure and culture and was previously Deputy Leader of the Council.

Martin's professional background was in commerce before moving into the probation service and into adult social services. Most recently, Martin was a community mental health professional.

Councillor Repton's main priority is:

  • to make sure people have good health and remain as independent for as long as possible.

He will do this by:

  • enabling people to access joined-up health and care services when necessary.

Councillor Repton's responsibilities include:

  • assessment and support planning
  • enablement services
  • access and direct services
  • safeguarding adults
  • public health
  • care and support
  • sector development.


Photo of Councillor Lisa EldretCabinet Member for Jobs and Fair Employment - Councillor Lisa Eldret

Lisa is originally from Sussex and moved to Derby in 2011. Prior to this she lived overseas for a number of years and worked in the trade union movement in New Zealand, India and Switzerland, campaigning to secure improvements to workers terms and conditions across a range of industries.

Lisa was elected to represent Darley ward in 2014, and became chair of the Corporate Scrutiny and Governance Board shortly afterwards. In this role she led a comprehensive review into voter turnout across the city and chaired the newly formed employee commission, tasked with developing the Derby employment charter.

Lisa lives in Darley with her partner Nadine and three year old son Theo.

Councillor Eldret's main priority is:

  • to ensure fair pay and conditions for all workers.

She will do this by:

  • working in partnership with employees and their representatives (Trade Unions) and employers
  • implementing the recommendation of The Employment Commission.

Councillor Eldret's responsibilities include:

  • Human Resources strategy and policy.


Cllr Shanker Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services - Councillor Baggy Shanker

The son of a foundry worker, Baggy Shanker became a Councillor for Sinfin in 2008. Having previously sat on regulatory committees and overview and scrutiny commissions, Derby-born Baggy became Cabinet member for Housing and Advice in 2012.

Baggy has a wealth of experience working in some of Derby's largest organisations. After working at British Celanese for 23 years, he then joined Rolls-Royce in 2012.

Councillor Shanker's main priority is:

  • to create safe environments for people to live and work.

He will do this by:

  • implementing strict regulatory policies, procedures and practices and ensuring their compliance

Councillor Shanker's responsibilities include:

  • environmental health and licensing
  • Trading Standards.

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