Communities and City Centre Regeneration

‌Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communities and City Centre Photo of Councillor Martin RawsonRegeneration - Councillor Martin Rawson

Martin Rawson became a councillor for Derwent ward in a 2005 by-election that contributed to Labour taking control of Derby City Council.
During his time as a councillor Martin has sat on several Overview and Scrutiny Boards as well as committees dealing with licensing, personnel and audit and accounts.
After Labour regained control of the Council in May 2012, Martin became Cabinet Member for Children and Young People.
In May 2014, he became the Deputy Leader of the Council and assumed responsibility for planning, environment and regeneration. In his current Cabinet role he has focused on developing the City-Centre Masterplan and seeking funding for ambitious proposals for the refurbishment of district centres across the city.

Councillor Rawson's main priority is:

  • Creating jobs for Derby people by generating sustainable growth and prosperity in the local economy – both in the city centre and in communities across Derby.

He will do this by:

Councillor Rawson's responsibilities include:

  • inward investment and regeneration
  • Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership
  • development control
  • spatial planning
  • Deby LIVE
  • museums and libraries
  • parks and open spaces
  • Livewell
  • leisure facilities.

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