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Welcome to the Parent Champion webpage dedicated to Derby's very own Parent Champion volunteers working in partnership with the Family and Childcare Trust. This page includes dates of upcoming events that are available to visit holding a Parent Champion stall depending on the type of event.  It is expected that as a parent champion‌ volunteer you give no more than 5 hours each week of your time to the service. It is most common for parents to offer an hour or so each week where possible by attending events, Children Centre sessions, mother and baby groups, parent toddler sessions and health clinics. If events are not possible then even chatting to other parents in the playground, on the bus, swimming or in the shops would be ideal.

 The main aim for Parent Champions to achieve is to increase families' knowledge of childcare services and the support that is widely available to them. This can be giving information on funded childcare places, or giving personal advice on SEND.   Parent Champions work is so valuable that without it, many families would not know what was out there. The Parent Champions programme is based on the idea that parents are the best people to support other parents to find out about childcare and early years services. By sharing their own experiences of using a local service for their children, Parent Champions can build trust with other parents, put to ease any worries parents may have and encourage parents to make the best of the help available to them and their children. Parent Champions help parents find the jigsaw pieces they need to complete the picture.

Useful details

At the end of this page is a download and useful links section. Please refer to these areas for general information which you might find useful when doing your parent champions work. Should you need any monitoring forms or leaflets please get in contact with Laura who will get these posted out to you whenever you require more.

Events coming up and travel expenses

Below are some events coming up over the holiday period which we would like our champions to attend wherever possible. If you are available on any given date, please email Laura or call the team on 01332 640758 to book on and make arrangements. If any event has more than one person interested, we will ensure a stall is organised.

Any time you give to this would be highly appreciated, and any travel costs incurred will always be reimbursed at the end of each month, please speak to Laura if you are unsure on how to claim these back. Bus tickets can be made available prior to travelling if necessary, so please get in touch for more details.

Our next monthly get together and monitoring session

We have had some successful training and monitoring sessions recently and the next opportunity will be in October.  Please get in contact for more details if you have not received the email outlining the location. If you feel that you need to meet with Laura before the next group monitoring session please call on 01332 640758 or email

Are you interested in becoming a Parent Champion?

Are you looking for a new and exciting volunteering opportunity that will help you in the future, and help other parents right now? When it comes to finding out about what is going on locally, parents are often the best people to help. You know all about the things that every parent needs to know because you have experienced them and can talk about them in a friendly and informal way, particularly if you used childcare, or if your child has any additional needs. We are looking for a handful of passionate parents to become our very own Parent Champions. You would volunteer a few hours each week at places where parents often are. If you might be interested in volunteering just a few hours by talking to other parents about childcare options/ what's on in the community, then get in touch. In return you will gain valuable experience; friends and confidence should you need it. Expenses that are incurred whilst volunteering are always reimbursed, including childcare costs where possible.parent-champions

We would love to hear from you!