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Water vole Get information and advice on wildlife in Derby, and how to encourage wildlife in your garden.


What can I do for wildlife in my garden each month?

Visit the Wild About Gardens website, which is a partnership between the Royal Horticultural Society and The Wildlife Trusts, for ideas about what you can do for wildlife in your garden each month.

How do I encourage butterflies?

Visit the Butterfly Conservation website for advice on how to encourage butterflies to visit your garden.

How do I make a bird box?

Visit the RSPB website for advice on how to make a bird box.

How do I make a bat box?

Visit the Bat Conservation Trust website for advice on how to make a bat box.

How do I make a pond for wildlife?

Visit the Freshwater Habitats Trust's website for advice on how to make a pond for wildlife.

How do I encourage wildlife into my garden?

Visit the BBC website for advice on how to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Hedgehog What can you tell me about hedgerows in Derby?

In 2003, we surveyed hedgerows in Derby to find out which contained native species, such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Elm, Dogwood and Guelder Rose. Over 1300 hedgerows were found, which helped us to identify the oldest, and those important to wildlife in the city. We wanted to find out more about hedgerows because:

  • hedgerows have their own collection of animal and plant life, and are an important habitat
  • there is an infinite variety of hedgerows
  • many provide homes, route-ways and food for birds, mammals and numerous insects
  • ancient or species-rich hedgerows support the greatest number of different animals
  • hedgerows are valuable to us as a landscape feature and as part of our history.

We found about 43% of the hedgerows across Derby to be species-rich. For our survey, species-rich meant that, on average, five or more different species had to be identified in 30 metre sections of hedgerow.

For more information, you can download the following documents...

What can you tell me about ponds in Derby?

In 2004 and 2005, we surveyed ponds in Derby to find:

  • where the best ponds are
  • which ponds are important to wildlife
  • which ponds could, with careful management, be made more valuable for nature.

We wanted to find out more about ponds because:frog in pond

  • nationally, ponds are recognised as a threatened habitat
  • ponds are a rich source of wildlife, either living in them, or visiting for food and water and are an important habitat in Derby
  • some ponds are natural, others are man-made, some are permanent, others are seasonal. Even temporary ponds are important for wildlife
  • we may find unusual or rare plants and animals in our ponds.

Our survey found that garden ponds are more important for frogs and toads than our field ponds, where a lack of appropriate management appears to be reducing wildlife value. However, garden and field ponds are equally important for newts and dragonflies.

Download our Pond Survey Report for more information about ponds in Derby.

What can you tell me about the Wild about Ponds Project?

Following on from our survey of ponds, our Wild About Ponds Project aimed to create new and improve existing ponds. SITA Trust funded a three-year partnership, which finished on 31st December 2012.

The partnership included the Derby City Pond Warden Association (DCPWA), The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), Groundwork and a host of other local partners.

To find out more about the project, visit the DCPWA website.

What can you tell me about wildlife webcams?

We have contributed towards the setting up of a webcam at Derby Cathedral to view the Peregrine Falcons that first began nesting in 2006 when they raised three chicks. The webcam gives us the opportunity to view our natural environment close up and gain a better understanding of the wildlife that lives on our doorstep.

You can watch the falcons and find out more about them at Peregrine Falcons in Derby blog.

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