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What is Our City, Our River?
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What is Our City, Our River?‌

Did you know that there are currently approximately 2,000 properties in Derby that are at risk from flooding?

To address this, we have been working in partnership with the Environment Agency to create a scheme designed to reduce the risk of flooding, while maximising regeneration opportunities and environmental improvements.

As well as safeguarding people and property, the Our City, Our River project is seen as an important mechanism for enhancing the local environment, creating better public access and protecting the biodiversity and heritage assets along the riverside. The ambition is for the scheme to be completed by 2022, subject to securing planning approvals and funding.

Background information about the development of the Our City Our River project can be found here

Latest news

Tree and vegetation clearances starting this month

We are carrying out tree and vegetation clearances during January and February so that the construction of the new flood defences can take place. We are working in partnership with our main contractor, GBV Ltd who are managing the removal of existing trees required for construction and we will be planting new trees once the project is completed. We have been delivering leaflets in the areas adjacent to where work is taking place and we will be updating people on the progress of the work.

The clearance work will be taking place in the following locations:

  • Week beginning 13th January - area around the Chester Green community centre, bowling green and on to the rear of Derwent House, then the trees along City Road in Parker’s Piece
  • Week beginning 18th January - at Etruria Gardens then on to Alfreton Road Industrial Estate – Rugby Field, rear of Energas, rear of Envirofusion and then Draka / Eagle Park area
  • Week beginning 1st February - Duke Street / Sowter Road area, then around St Mary’s Bridge and the Waterside Inn.

The order of works may change depending on weather conditions, and any environmental or access issues encountered during the work.

Closure of car parks in the Chester Green area

From 4 January 2016 until summer 2018, several off-street car parks have been closed which could lead to an increase in on-street parking in the area. 

The car parks closed are:

  • City Road car park next to the Aida Bliss building and Parkers Piece
  • Darley Fields South car park, off Old Chester Road and next to the football pitches.

The current car park at the corner of City Road and the Old Chester Road will operate as usual. We are currently reviewing the use of the tennis courts near Chester Green community centre as potential car parking provision and there is also a car park at the other end of Darley Park (near the Darley Abbey Club) available for park users. Unfortunately, there will be some unavoidable disruption at times for the flood defence work to take place but we will continue to look at how we can work to mitigate any adverse effects. The project planning permission includes the provision of a 120 space car park at Darley Fields and this will be constructed once the project is nearing completion.

Residents only parking scheme in Chester Green

We have introduced an experimental residents parking scheme in the Chester Green area. This is to help minimise any disruption to residents and their visitors at no cost to residents for parking permits, during the period of construction. The experimental residents parking scheme includes the City Road and Old Chester Road area, Vivian Street, Roman Road, Auriga Court, Drage Street and Caesar Street. The residents parking scheme operates between 8.00am and 6.00pm (seven days a week), to prevent commuters and leisure users from parking.

Archaeology trial digs - Package 1 area

Photo of OCOR archaeology trial trench

Our contractor, GBV JV Ltd, have appointed Trent & Peak Archaeology to undertake archaeological investigations for the project and they have been at the following locations:

  • Duke Street (near St Mary's Bridge at the junction of Duke Street and Sowter Road)
  • Sowter Road (near back of Silk Mill Museum at site of historic water trench that supplied the old mill wheel)
  • Back of Etruria Gardens just off City Road.

The drawing below shows the locations of the recent archaeological investigations:

The archaeological investigations are required to ensure all sensitive areas within the project area have been identified and mapped. The latest progress report has been compiled by Trent & Peak. A site compound has been set up on the old Brittannia Court site on Duke Street for construction equipment and site offices. 

What is the schedule for the project?

The delivery of the project is spilt into three packages and subject to securing necessary funding, is intended to be delivered between 2015 and 2022. The funding for Package 1 is in place and this will be the first stage of work to be undertaken.

The three packages are;

Package 1: located between the Alfreton Road Industrial Estate in the north and Sowter Road in the south, with the exception of works at Darley Abbey Mills Bridge.

Package 2: located at Breadsall, Darley Abbey Mills Bridge, all sites between North Riverside and Meadow Lane, and sites at Derby Junction Railway Bridge, Pride Park, Ambaston and Shardlow.

Package 3: located from Chaddesden Sidings & Triangle and Raynesway on the north side of the river, plus Alvaston Park on the south side of the river.

Due to the complexity and scale of the project, a great deal of preparation work has been done to ensure:

  • all regulatory and planning consent requirements are met
  • any sensitive historical or archaeological areas have been correctly identified and mapped and
  • the proposal for each stage of the project has been carefully considered.

A planning application for the project was approved on 15th October 2015 at Derby City Council's Planning Control Committee. The planning application is a hybrid application which includes full and outline planning proposals and proposals to be delivered through the Environment Agency's permitted development rights. If you wish to view the full planning application, please use the eplanning service quoting reference number 02/15/00210.

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