Current work on site


 October to December 2017

  • Alfreton Road Industrial Estate – Final Landscaping complete.
  • Haslam’s Lane –  The concrete core and brick cladding works  will be completed.  The new flood gate will be installed, brickwork completed and the area landscaped.
  • Darley Playing Fields –Darley Playing Fields will be landscaped and the current site area to be returned to the park.
  • Etruria Gardens – Completion of the drainage works and Landscaping on the dry side.
  • St Mary’s Bridge area – Carpark and riverside landscaping will be completed.
  • Duke Street area –  Concrete Wall works will be completed and then the brick cladding installed. The land levels near to Parkland View will start to be altered. HV cables will be protected across Duke Street and parkland view
  • Sowter Road area – Concrete flood wall construction and  alterations to the land levels will start.
  • The next drop –in information session for residents is on Wednesday 18thOctober 3:00-6:00pm at the Chester Green Community Centre. Please come along.
  • For those unable to attend a Drop-in session on a weekday, please come along to Parkland View, Bath Street, Derby, DE1 3FG on Saturday 4th November 2017 between 10am-12pm

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