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Our planning policies aim to promote economic, social and environmental well being and improve quality of life for people living, working or visiting Derby.  

The statutory development plan is made up of the documents – the Derby City Local Plan Part 1 (2017), the ‘saved’ policies in the City of Derby Local Plan Review (2006) and the saved policies of the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals and Waste Local plans.


Derby City Local Plan Part 1

The Derby City Local Plan - Part 1 Core Strategy was adopted by the Council on Wednesday 25 January 2017. It is the key planning document for the City, setting out a long-term strategy for the spatial development of Derby to 2028 and provides a framework for promoting and managing development. 

The Local Plan Part 1 forms the statutory development plan for the City, alongside the remaining ‘saved’ policies of the City of Derby Local Plan Review (2006). It provides both the development strategy for the City up to 2028 and policies which will be used in determining all future planning applications submitted to the Council.

Interactive Policies Map - The Council's interactive Policies Map illustrates how the policies in the Local Plan Part 1 and the City of Derby Local Plan Review affect different parts of the City. Use the link to view useful information and links to relevant policies.

From 25 January 2017, the adopted Derby City Local Plan - Part 1 is subject to a six week period where an application can be made to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 on the grounds that the document is not within the appropriate powers and/or procedural requirements have not been complied with.  The six week period ends on Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Information relating to the examination can be found on the Local Plan, Part 1 Core Strategy Examination webpage.

We have produced a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which provide further information to back up policies in the Local Plan.

The Planning Obligations SPD

The Planning Obligations SPD gives details of how we will secure benefits from new development, including sustainable transport improvements and affordable housing. The Planning Obligation Financial Contribution Matrix will be updated annually. The up to date figures are shown under the heading 'S106 Contribution Increases'

Planning Obligations SPD  

S106 Contribution increases for 2016-17

SPD Background Documents

Adoption statement for planning obligations SPD (Dec 2008)  


The Nature Conservation Strategy SPD

The Nature Conservation Strategy SPD gives details of how the natural history of the City will be conserved.

Revised Derby nature conservation strategy

The Rykneld Road Housing Development SPD

The Rykneld Road Housing Development SPD gives more detailed guidelines on the development of this site for housing.

SPD for Rykneld Road  

The Manor Kingsway Hospital SPD

The Manor Kingsway Hospital Site SPD gives more detailed guidelines on the redevelopment of the Manor Kingsway site.

Manor and Kingsway hospitals SPD  

Community Infrastructure Levy

The City Council is not intending to prepare a Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule at the present time. The Implementation team can provide further information if required.

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

This sets out how you can get involved in the production of our planning policies and the determination of planning applications. In light of significant changes to the planning system we will be using certain aspects of the SCI to include the Government's 'Localism Agenda'.

  • Download the Statement of community involvement adopted
    Note: The SCI was adopted prior to the revision to the planning regulations in 2008 and 2009. To ensure that the revised regulations are taken into account in all our LDF documents a consultation plan for each Developmental Plan Document (DPD) will be developed.

It has also come to light that some of information in the Statement of community involvement adopted in paragraph 6.4 (page 25) and Appendix 2 - Neighbour Notification Policy are incorrect, in terms of details relating to the advertising of and consultation on major applications (applications proposing 10 or more dwellings, 1000 square metres or more of floorspace or on a site of 0.5 hectares or more). The matter was considered by Planning Control Committee and a review of procedures was carried out, we are now following the statutory requirement in the Development Management Procedure order 2015. 
Amended page 36 - Neighbour Notification Table

 What is the Local Development Scheme (LDS)?

The Local Development Scheme Version 6 (LDS) is a three-year project plan for preparing new planning policy documents.

What is the Authority Monitoring Report?

The authority monitoring report (AMR) contains information on how we are performing in terms of document production, implementing policies and how well our planning policies are being achieved.

Minerals and Waste Development Plan Documents

We are working in conjunction with Derbyshire County Council to produce a joint Minerals Development Plan Document and a joint Waste Development Plan Document. More details will be provided when they become available. These will eventually replace the saved policies of the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan (2000) and the Derby and Derbyshire Waste Local Plan (2005).

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