New garden waste collection service

Since April 2014, we have introduced a small charge to those who want us to collect their garden waste.

This is an opt-in service. You will need to apply to receive garden waste collections. Read on for more information - or sign up now using our online form.brown bin

Why does the Council need to charge for garden waste collections?

Collecting your garden waste is a service we chose to provide to you free of charge. It is not a service we must provide free or charge – it’s what is known as a discretionary service.

We have no choice but to review what we do because of the need to make savings to balance our budget. By not collecting everyone’s brown bins from 2014 onwards, we will save about £1m.

Sign up to the service

You can sign up to the service using our online Garden Waste Service form. You can also apply and pay for the service by phone or over the counter at the Council House.

The service costs £40 for your first brown bin and £20 for each additional brown bin. Collections will run from 14th April 2014 until 21st November 2014. You will get 16 collections per year, working out at £2.50 per collection.


I need a replacement brown bin.

If your brown bin has gone missing or broken you can arrange for a new brown bin to be delivered,  use our online Replacement Brown Bin form


You have missed my brown bin. How do I report it?

If your brown bin has not been emptied and it shows a 2014 licence sticker, and it does not have a tag explaining why it has been missed please contact us, use our online Missed Brown Bin form


I would like to sign up to use another brown bin.

If you have already signed up for the 2014 brown bin service but would like to use an additional brown bin please use our online form Pay for Additional Brown Bins. There is a £20 charge for each additional brown bin. Please remember to let us know if you need additional bins delivering on this form.


More information

For more information, view our frequently asked questions. This information will be updated regularly.


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