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What collection services for household waste and recycling does the Council provide?

We collect household waste and recycling from most homes in Derby.

Theses homes have:

  • black wheeled bins for any non-recyclable household waste
  • blue wheeled bins – for glass bottles and jars, drinks cans, food tins and aerosols, plastic bottles, tubs and containers, drinks and food cartons, paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogues, telephone directories and junk mail and cardboard boxes and packaging. Please remember to wash and squash your plastics, cartons, cans and cardboard to fit in your bin.

We also offer a Garden Waste collection service.

Some homes are not suitable for the blue wheeled bins for mixed recyclables. From these we collect just household waste as well as paper and cardboard in orange bags.

  • orange bag – for paper, newspaper, magazine, catalogues, telephone directories and junk mail and cardboard boxes and packaging. You can get replacement bags from your local library or the Council House.

For more information visit our A-Z of recycling and rubbish


I've not been given a blue wheeled bin. When will I get this service?

We are working to introduce the full recycling service to every household in the city. We will contact you if we are able to add your property to the full service – this might be by giving you your own bins or by introducing a shared collection point.


My wheeled bin is damaged, broken or missing - what should I do?

Complete a bin or bag replacement e-form.


I have more waste and recycling than I can fit in my wheeled bins and bags - what can I do?

If you have a large household or medical needs, we may be able to tailor our service to meet your needs. Please complete the bigger bin request e-form.


Putting out my wheeled bin/bags is a problem for me - can you help?

We provide a service to disabled or older people. You can request this by completing an assisted collection e-form.


I have large items that will not fit in my bin - what can I do?

If you have waste or recycling that is too large to fit in your bin, you can take it to Raynesway Household Waste and Recycling Site.

Alternatively, you can use our large or bulky item collection service. Fridges and freezers cost £10 per item to be removed.

Contact Streetpride on 0333 200 6981 to:

  • find out what items we can and can't collect
  • find out how much it will cost
  • arrange a collection.


I gave up my blue wheeled bin, but I would like to have one again. What should I do?

Complete a bin or bag replacement e-form


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