Economic strategy

Derby's Economic Strategy 2011-16

Derby's Economic Strategy for 2011-16 was produced following extensive research into how our local economy is performing. It provides the framework to guide the activities and investment plans of partners seeking to improve the economic performance of the city.

The significant milestones that have contributed to the production of this strategy are:

The Economic Strategy is owned by the Derby Renaissance Board and it's implementation is being overseen by three Delivery Boards.  The Economic Strategy is the 'economy' theme of the Derby Plan.

Download the Economic Strategy.

The Derby Renaissance Board

The Derby Renaissance Board (DRB) is the lead partnership body for economic development, comprising senior figures from business, public and voluntary sector organisations across the city. The DRB is chaired by Peter Richardson.

Performance and Commissioning

The DRB has a Performance and Commissioning group which has responsibility for ensuring the efficient and effective management of all external funding programmes for economic development activities awarded to Derby.

This group also monitors and manages all performance indicators contained within the Derby Plan and the Economic Strategy.


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