As a single woman and desperate to become a Mum, I started looking into adopting a child as I felt that this would be the right route for me to become a parent. I live outside of Derby, but it was recommended to me to approach Derby City Council to ask about adoption. From that first phone call until my approval to adopt took about a year, during which time I felt supported and confident.

My Adoption Social Worker was approachable and put me at ease as we talked about my life history and my opinions on raising a child. I was able to express my views throughout the interview process and the length of time this takes gives you the space to really think about your motivations to adopt. Going to the Adoption Panel meeting was pretty daunting, but I had loads of support from the Adoption team at Derby and I was delighted to be approved to adopt.

It was about four months until I was matched with my daughter, which is relatively fast but at the time it feels like a long wait! I received so much in-depth information about this little girl who had required heart surgery as a young baby, so I was fully informed about any concerns regarding her future health and development before I met her. I was thrilled to be approved to adopt Emma when she was 13 months old and we began the introduction period where I gradually took over all her care from her foster family.

I did take leave from work to settle Emma into her new home with me and we became very attached during that time. I then returned to work part-time and Emma attended nursery and is now thriving at school. She’s aware that she’s adopted and knows what it means, and it’s brilliant that she can express her thoughts and feelings to me. If I feel I need any advice at all, I can still call on the Derby Adoption team to help me through any challenging issues.

Emma is now aged six years old and is a delight, I am so proud to be her Mummy. She has brought so much joy to not only my own life but to the whole family; we will often say that we can’t remember a time that Emma was not part of our lives and feel she has enriched our family.

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