Independence at home

Home Care Enablement Assessment Programme

Our Home Care Enablement Assessment Programme offers up to six weeks’ enablement for people over age 18, who meet the eligibility criteria under Fair Access to Care Services, after a period of illness, an accident or crisis. 

The Programme aims to support you to regain confidence, independence and overcome any barriers.  This may include support to allow you to:

  • meet your personal care needs
  • keep yourself safe
  • eat and drink
  • make decisions
  • be part of a community
  • run and maintain your home
  • have work and learning opportunities.

If we assess that you need ongoing support after the six-week period, this will be given through a Personal Budget.

How much does it cost?

This Programme is free for the first six weeks. If you need support after the six-week period, an officer from our Fairer Charging Team will arrange to visit you and will carry out a financial assessment during the Enablement Programme to decide what contribution you should pay.

How do I apply for the Enablement Programme?

If you are being discharged from hospital, the ward will make a referral on your behalf to the Social Care teams based at the Royal Derby Hospital.  If you are not in hospital, contact us.

What can I expect from the Enablement Programme?

The Enablement Programme is intended to identify what is important to you to achieve and the goals to get you there.

An officer will visit you and draw up an agreed enablement plan with you.  This will focus on maximising your independence in the areas identified through your assessment.

The Home Care Enablement staff will work with you to provide the agreed support to achieve your short and long-term goals. You will have a folder that includes your plan and extra information you may find useful.

You will also have an opportunity to feed back about your experience at the end of your enablement period by completing a quality questionnaire.

During your time in the Programme, we may refer you to other services including occupational therapy , Derby Care Link, and telecare products.

What happens after six weeks?

Once you have gone through the Programme, if you qualify for ongoing support, you will be offered a Personal Budget:  this will help you to buy the support you need. There will be help, if you need it, to help you manage a Personal Budget.

The Care Quality Commission is responsible for making sure that social care services in England are as good as they can be.  Its website gives useful information about finding the right care service for you.  It regulates and inspects adult social care services and awards a quality rating based on its findings. Derby City Council was rated as excellent after the last inspection in October 2008.  You can view inspection reports on its website

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