Equal Pay Review

The Equal Pay Review is part of our 'Pay and Reward Project'. It aims to make sure that we give staff equal pay for work of equal value. It's something we must do to meet our requirements around the national 'Single Status' agreement.

How is the Equal Pay Review being carried out?

All posts are being evaluated through a job information questionnaire, which must be completed by the person (or people) in the post along with their line manager. The questionnaire responses are being evaluated by a panel consisting of management and trade union representatives trained in job evaluation. They will give each post a points score, which will be converted into a grade.

When is the review taking place?

Following completion of the equal pay review, sometimes known as job evaluation, staff included in the review will start to receive letters advising them of their individual job evaluation result and proposed new rates of pay together with a booklet summarising proposed changes to terms and conditions from Thursday 31st October. Also included in the letter is the opportunity to register an intention to appeal. You can find out further details on the Equal Pay Review Intention to appeal form

There are a number of occupational groups currently excluded from the equal pay review and who will not receive a letter. These are Craft Workers, Soulbury staff employed in the Education service, Youth and Community Workers, Chief Officers (the Chief Executive, Strategic Directors and Service Directors), Head teachers and Teachers.

Support staff in community schools are in scope of the review; the proposed implementation date for these employees is September 2014. View the All-user message from the Leader and Chief Executive 28 October 2013.

If you have not received a letter by Tuesday 6th November please contact the helpdesk on  64 2575 or email epr@derby.gov.uk .

More information

Learn more about the Equal Pay Review by downloading our Equal Pay Review - frequently asked questions and for specific questions about the outcome of job evaluation see our Job Evaluation outcomes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Regular updates from Chief Officers are given through the monthly Team Briefings.

If you have a question about the job information questionnaire, please read the Job information questionnaire guidance.

For any other question, please email payreview@derby.gov.uk or call the Equal Pay Review team on 64 3717.



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