Working for Derby City Council


Working in Derby

Derby is a safe, compact city with a clearly-defined centre and distinct, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods. With an internationally recognised industrial heritage and now one of the world's leading aerospace cities, it has a strong identity and yet is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

The city itself includes over 800 hectares of municipal parks and the river Derwent flows right through the centre.

For more information about the city as an exciting place to live and work, see Derby Does It

The Council's structure

We have been a unitary Council since 1997. We employ over 12,000 people and are the largest single employer in the city. The Council is made up of five directorates, Adults Housing and Health, Children and Young People, Neighbourhoods, Resources and Chief Executive's Office.

Derby Homes is the 'arms-length' housing organisation that manages and maintains our housing stock. All other housing services are managed by the Director of Corporate and Adult Social Services.

Political management arrangements

The Council is made up of 51 councillors representing 17 wards. As of May 2012, there are 28 Labour members, 14 Conservatives and 9 Liberal Democrats. There are four Overview and Scrutiny Commissions, plus a Scrutiny Management Commission that support the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole.

To give local citizens a greater say in Council affairs, we have neighbourhood forums in every ward. They provide a forum for residents to discuss local issues and petitions with ward councillors and our partner organisations.

City vision

Over the next three years we are committed to improving services. This will be challenging in the face of budget pressures but we will do our best to meet customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

We will be working with our partners from the private, public and voluntary sector to support 'The Derby Plan' for 2011 to 2026 and deliver the city's vision.

Derby – passionate about progress

We will focus on six key outcomes that are based on feedback received from residents, visitors and partners through the '3 wishes consultation campaign' completed in 2010.

  • A thriving sustainable economy
  • Achieving their learning potential
  • Good health and well-being
  • Being safe and feeling safe
  • A strong community
  • An active cultural life.

We are also working towards making improvements in two areas that will improve our services:

  • Good-quality services that meet local needs
  • A skilled and motivated workforce
  • Council Plan for 2011 - 2014

Benefits of working for us

If you become an employee of Derby City Council, these are the benefits you can expect to receive.

Discount Schemes

Lifestyle - a discount scheme offering employees discounts on a huge range of goods and services. Use lifestyle benefits as your home for online shopping at over 1500 popular UK websites. Savings are passed onto you in the form of a discount at the point of purchase, or cash back - money off your purchase.


This allows employees to get a brand new bike and spread the cost over 18 months, the cost is recovered from your gross salary, giving you tax and national insurance savings.

Employee Passport to Leisure

The employee Passport to leisure give employees reduced charges and advanced bookings for a whole range of activities at council sport centres.

Employment Charter

Our aspiration is to apply the principles in the Derby City Employment Charter to all directly employed staff at the Council and to staff working for companies that the Council have a business relationship with through procurement. Derby City Council also encourages all employers across Derby to adopt the Charter as best practice.

  1. We are committed to providing fair employment contracts and stability of employment to at least all employees.
  2. We will pay the Living Wage to all employees and support Derby to become a Living Wage City.
  3. We actively support trade union membership amongst our employees and recognise trade unions for the purposes of employee representation and collective bargaining.
  4. We will provide an environment that creates workforce training opportunities to support everyone.
  5. We will work to minimise the use of agency workers and ensure agencies we engage use professional methods and follow fair employment practices.
  6. We will actively support and encourage our employees to take up volunteering opportunities across the city.
  7. We will ensure we have policies and procedures in place which support employees to achieve work-life balance.
  8. We will not  award any contract to any company found guilty of blacklisting workers.
  9. We will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and minimise the usage of external consultants by developing the skills and capacity of our own employees. We will seek value for money when using consultants whilst ensuring that they also follow fair employment practices.
  10. We will seek to offer a wide range of employee incentives.

Employee support

Counselling Service

We have an inhouse confidential employee counselling service. Which offers professional counselling and advice to all employees.

Employee Networks

We have three employee networks that offer help, advice and support in a friendly and safe environment. The networks help to remove barriers to employment and service delivery and help us to promote equality and diversity. We have networks for disabled employees, black employees and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

Family Friendly

Many of our jobs are covered by our work-life balance scheme which allows employees to take additional time off, or work more or fewer hours during a working day. The conditions of our work-life balance scheme are dependent on the job you do.


Childcare Vouchers are a government scheme that gives you a much needed cash boost if you pay for registered or approved childcare. The vouchers are not just for babies but for all ages in between including teenagers up to 15 or 16 if they are disabled. Things that count as childcare include Holiday and School Clubs, Nurseries, Nannies or anything else that is registered and regulated by your regional governing body.

We have schemes to cover paternity, maternity, adoption, and parental leave. In addition to this we have policies to cover bereavement and situations where you may need compassionate or urgent leave.

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