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A52 Brian Clough Way Eastbound - evening closures from Monday 8th January 2018

From Monday 8th January 2018, the A52 Brian Clough Way Eastbound between Eastgate/Pentagon Island and Raynesway will be closed overnight. There will be no access to the A52 Eastbound from the Wyvern Way slip road.

The road will be closed Monday to Friday nights from 8.00pm to 6.00am. The road will be closed at 11.00pm on the midweek evenings when Derby County Football Club are playing home games.

The signed diversion routes are shown on this plan - Diversion route - A52 Eastbound Closure Pentagon to Raynesway From 8-1-17 (8mb)

For safety reasons we also need to close the offside lane on Brian Clough Way.  Lane 2 westbound will be closed from Raynesway to Pentagon Island at the same times as the eastbound road closure each evening.

Scheme update - 21st December 2017

Relocation of pedestrian crossing on Wyvern Way - During week commencing 18th December 2017, work took place to move the pedestrian crossing from its current location on Wyvern Way, near Toys R Us, further up Wyvern Way towards Derwent Parade. A temporary footway has been created from the footbridge to the replacement crossing. Temporary lights have been put in place.

A52 Brian Clough Way Eastbound overnight road closures - Work is continuing on the A52 Eastbound with nightly road closures, between Eastgate/Pentagon Island and Wyvern, until Thursday 21st December 2017. There will then be a break over the Christmas/New Year period. When the works start again on Monday 8th January 2018, the closures will be from Pentagon Island to Raynesway, including the slip road from Wyvern Way onto the A52 Eastbound. The road will be closed Monday to Friday nights from 8.00pm to 6.00am. Works will not start until after 11.00pm on the midweek evenings when Derby County Football Club are playing home games.

Derwent Parade/Wyvern Way roundabout - Works will continue on 2nd January 2018 on Derwent Parade near to the Wyvern Way roundabout. This will involve lane closures whilst work is carried out in the footway.

Wyvern Way slip road to A52 westbound – The lane leading from Wyvern Way to the A52 westbound will be narrowed for 3 weeks from 15th January 2018 whilst work is carried out in the verge.

(updated 5th January 2018)

Scheme update - 2nd November 2017

The main works contract for the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvements commenced on 9th October. A small amount of night time work has taken place on the A52 following the introduction of the temporary safety measures and reduced speed limit. Works to construct the new central reservation, drainage improvements and additional lane on the A52 Eastbound are planned to start on 13th November and continue until the end of February 2018. In the meantime the route has been open to accommodate traffic diverted from the Highways England’s night time road closures on the A38 at Little Eaton, which are planned to be completed shortly.

Scheme Update - October 2017 - A52 Scheme main construction works due to start

Between 9th October and 12th October 2017, the A52 Brian Clough Way was closed overnight between Raynesway and Pentagon so that temporary safety barriers could be erected and narrow lanes created. This means that the width of the main carriageway will be reduced for the duration of the works on the A52. Two narrowed lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction during the daytime and when the road is not closed.

Once the barriers are in place, work can start on the A52 Eastbound. This work will be carried out overnight and will take around 20 weeks to complete. No work will take place at weekends. When these works have been completed, the Eastbound side of the A52 will be fully operational.

The next phase of works will then start on the A52 Westbound and Wyvern Junctions. This will be carried out during the daytime and two narrow lanes will be kept open throughout. This phase is planned to start in March 2018 and will last around 20 weeks.

As part of the works, the width of the central reserve is being reduced and a new safety barrier installed. This will give more room to widen the carriageway. Additional lanes will be created in each direction between Wyvern and Raynesway. As well as increasing capacity, the additional lanes will reduce the need for drivers to change lanes. 

The improvements on the A52 are part of the wider scheme, which also involves work on Wyvern Way, Stanier Way roundabout, Pullman Road, The Sidings, Derwent Parade junction and the footbridge across the A52 from Meadow Lane. The A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement Scheme - General Arrangement Drawing (6.2 mb) shows the extents of the Scheme.

Work on Wyvern Way is also planned to start in October 2017 and be completed by December 2018. Phase 1 will be offline works which should be completed by the end of January 2018. Phase 2 will be focussed around the Stanier Way Roundabout, this will last until August 2018.  Phase 3 involves works on Pullman Road and The Sidings and will start in March 2018.

Work to prepare for the replacement of Meadow Lane footbridge will start in October 2017. The existing bridge will remain in place whilst the replacement bridge is constructed. This will be completed by December 2018. 

In November 2017 work will start on the Derwent Parade Junction, this will take a year to complete. 

We will minimise disruption as much as we can whilst the changes take place.

(updated 13th October 2017)

Council News -25th September 2017 -

Scheme Update - September 2017 - Advanced works continue

  • Advanced works have continued in preparation for the start of the main construction works
  • Site office set up on land off Wyvern Way
  • Final negotiations are taking place and it is anticipated that the main works contract will be completed early in October 2017.
  • The first phase of the main construction works will involve works on the A52, this will include:
    • widening of A52 in vicinity of Wyvern junctions
    • carriageway resurfacing and replacement safety barriers.

Scheme Update - August 2017 - Confirmation of D2N2 LEP funding

On Monday 31st July 2017, D2N2 LEP confirmed that £6.72m funding has been awarded towards the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement Scheme.

Scheme Update - March 2017 - Confirmation of Highways England contribution

Highways England has confirmed a £2.6 million contribution from the Growth and Housing Fund towards the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvement Scheme.

The £100 million fund was set up as part of the government’s £15 billion investment in roads and provides financial contributions towards the cost of road improvements that are needed for new developments, which promise timely delivery of homes and jobs.

If you would like to read earlier news on the transport scheme, please visit our timeline page.

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