Local Area Coordination

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VenueMillennium Gloucester Hotel, London
Dates and times Wednesday 23rd March 2016
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Local Area Coordination is an innovative asset based community development approach to supporting individuals with disabilities, mental health needs and older people to achieve their vision for a good life. This landmark conference explores the values, principles and key design features of Local Area Coordination and shares the global and local evidence for what Local Area Coordination can achieve.

Local Area Coordination has been deployed around the world and has been extensively evaluated as effective. This conference focuses on how investment in Local Area Coordination can help local authorities, social care, health services and community based care and support services to meet the challenges of delivering the Care Act and other reform agendas, in an increasingly resource restricted environment, by:

  • Promoting personalisation, independence and wellbeing
  • Delivering a return on investment by preventing the development of formal care needs and reducing demand for services
  • Empowering and engaging communities to build capacity and resilience in order to support sustainable health and wellbeing and an affordable health and care system
  • Transforming the relationship between services, communities and marginalized people

Many reports have been published, highlighting the success of Local Area Coordination over more traditional services

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