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Posted: 06/02/2013

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Charity Sustrans is encouraging kids, parents and teachers in Derby to leave the car at home and get on their bikes and scooters for the school run between 28th February and 20th March. The three-week 'The Big Pedal' campaign aims to get families to be more active as well as save fuel.

TV Presenter and cycling mum Kirsty Gallacher said:

"Cycling the school run is a great way for kids and parents to get active and have some fun together. Sustrans’ Big Pedal competition is the perfect opportunity to give it a go!"

Nearly half of all children want to be able to get to school by bike but only four per cent actually do.

Last year over 950 schools took part, from Cornwall to the Highlands, Belfast to East Anglia.  The combined efforts of children all over the country travelled a total of 1,140,075 miles saving 59,021 gallons of fuel and £368,484.

Malcolm Shepherd, Sustrans Chief Executive, said:

"The average primary school journey is just 1.5 miles – the perfect distance to walk or cycle.

"Every year The Big Pedal helps tens of thousands of families rediscover the fun and freedom of cycling to school, get fit and save money at the same time.   

"Evidence shows how children that cycle to school regularly are more active and better learners – it’s time for us all to get on our bikes!"

One of the Derby schools that entered last years Big Pedal challenge was Springfield Primary School in Spondon. Liz Allen, Class 2 teacher and School Bike It Champion, said:

"Last year, the Sustrans Big Pedal was an 'all round' success! Children, teachers and parents at Springfield Primary School, participated in a range of activities, which then inspired pupils to choose a healthy way to travel to school. All involved were enthused and motivated by the scheme, riding their bikes and scooters, even having the opportunity to get together for a healthy breakfast. A 'spoketacular' experience, we look forward to repeating this year!"

How The Big Pedal works

Every journey to school by bike or scooter powers a school round a virtual UK stage race. There are some great prizes to be won once again, from bike storage to cycle stunt displays.

Schools will also be raising money for Sustrans on 28th February with a Superheroes Day, when pupils donate £1 to Sustrans to dress up as their favourite Superhero.

The race is funded by the Bike Hub and powered by Sustrans.

The Big Pedal facts and more information

Benefits of cycling to school

  • Reduces traffic congestion around school gates
  • Can lead to improved academic performance
  • Helps children develop independence
  • Increases levels of physical activity
  • It’s sustainable and cheap
  • It’s fun!

Top tips for children

  • Stay visible using hi-vis vests and lights
  • Make sure your bike is in working order
  • Plan your route and let your parents or carers know
  • Travel with a friend – it’s more fun that way!

Planning a Safe Journey

Sustrans provide free information for schools, parents, pupils, councils and anybody else interested in school travel initiatives. Find answers to all those niggling school travel questions in Sustran's FAQ section. Keep up with all the latest school travel news and events here.

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