Derby - a city to be proud of!

Posted: 04/09/2013

Proud of Derby

Derby has a lot to be proud of and it’s time to shout about it!! Today Derbians came out in force to show the people of Derby, the East Midlands and indeed the UK and beyond how great Derby is and why it is a place to be ‘Proud of’.

Inspired by the BBC’s Top Gear season finale, Pride Park Stadium hosted a spectacular showcase of Derby’s contribution to advanced engineering and manufacturing with a stunning collection including a Rolls Royce aero engine, a Bombardier train, and contributions form Toyota and Smith of Derby.

Derby is the pre-eminent UK city for high technology engineering in planes, trains and automobiles, it has a proud sense of community, from Allestree to Arboretum, Chaddesden to Chellaston, Sinfin to Spondon.

Leader of Derby City Council, Councillor Paul Bayliss, is championing the city’s ‘Proud of Derby’ campaign,

“The city’s economy is definitely something to be proud of. We are now a centre for high-tech engineering, a city that competes on a global stage. One in eight of our working population is an engineer – the highest ratio in the UK. Our output is equivalent to at least one third of the output of the City of London.

“It also makes me proud that Derby’s political representatives have always defended and nurtured our economy. It was Derby Corporation that gave the original factory to Mr Rolls and Mr Royce, to start making things. That’s a tradition we’re maintaining today, with the building of Pride Park and the upcoming Global Technology Campus, so we can find the economic drivers of the 21st Century.

“Innovation is in our DNA. When it comes to ideas, Derby has never followed others – it has always led the way. In the eighteenth century Derby men like Richard Arkwright, John Whitehurst, Jedediah Strutt and Erasmus Darwin played leading roles in the Enlightenment, driving scientific thinking. Now we need new ideas and new thinkers to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century. That’s why we’re determined to give our children the best possible educational outcomes, so they can be as brilliant as their forefathers.”

Despite all of the pressures from central government, the Council continues to concentrate on everything that is positive about the city of Derby, focusing on regeneration activities, bringing new employers to the city and supporting those already committed to us, removing barriers to creating jobs and achieving the highest standard of education our schools can offer.

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