Remembrance continues as conditions to war memorials set to improve

Posted: 28/08/2014

Field of poppies

The World War I centenary has been recognised heavily across the country and we'll be continuing the remembrance as we set to improve the conditions of war memorials across the city.

We have assessed the quality of war memorials in Derby and will be applying for grants to cover the cost for work to be complete by the centenary of the armistice in November 2018. Sources of funds include, but are not limited to, Heritage Lottery Fund, Friends of War Memorials, local fundraising, charities, grant giving bodies and local businesses.

As part of the project English Heritage will be carrying out a program of listing war memorials throughout England for long term protection and Derby will be one of the cities used to pilot the scheme. This will involve forming an official listing of memorials in Derby, giving them more legal protection and opening up additional grant funding opportunities.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Streetpride, is keen to get the project moving:

"It was very moving to see the country stand still for that special moment during the Royal British Legion’s Lights Out project earlier this month as we remembered those affected by the First World War.

"Many people came out to the memorial in Derby’s Market Place that night and I’m sure I speak for most people in the city when I say how important it is we continue to remember the fallen and their loved ones. Improving the quality of the memorials gives them the honour and respect they deserve."

We will be working closely with relevant local groups such as the civic society and neighbourhood boards to make sure fund raising opportunities are maximised and resources used wisely.

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