Council Tax Support - new claim

You should claim Council Tax Support as soon as you think you need help with payment of your Council Tax. It is normally paid from the Monday after the date we receive your claim form.

Can I claim Council Tax Support?

Anyone liable for Council Tax where they live can claim Council Tax Support but this will not be awarded to help people pay bills for second homes.

For couples, one person will claim on behalf of both and we will calculate entitlement on joint income.

I already get a discount - can I get Council Tax Support as well?

Yes but only if you are living at the property.

The most you may receive is the whole of your Council Tax bill, if you are of Pension Credit age or 70% of your bill if you are of working age, but it will depend on your income and the other adults that live with you.

If your property has been placed in Council Tax Band B or above, the maximum amount of Council Tax Support will be calculated as though your property was in Band A

If your Council Tax Support is not enough to cover your bill, you can apply for Discretionary Council Tax Hardship (CTH).

How do I claim Council Tax Support?

You can get more information on Council Tax Support and how to claim by visiting our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support page.


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