Council Tax Support Scheme - FAQs

  • What is Council Tax?

    Council Tax is a local tax on domestic properties which the Council set based on a property's valuation band. Each home is placed in one of eight valuation bands based on its value at 1st April 1991.

    We are responsible for collecting Council Tax and this money funds other local services, including refuse collection, social services, environmental health and parks.

    Some of the money collected is passed to Derbyshire Police Authority and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority. 

  • What is Council Tax Support?

    Council Tax Support helps working age people who have a low income, or no income, to pay their Council Tax.

    Pensioners have their own Scheme and are not affected by Derby's local Council Tax Support.

  • I already get CTS; will I have to re-apply when the Scheme changes in April 2019?

    Claimants receiving CTS immediately before 1st April 2019 will be automatically subject to the new CTS Scheme from 1st April 2019. These claimants will not need to make new claims when the Scheme changes; instead their CTS entitlement will be re-calculated where necessary using the rules of the new Scheme, with effect from 1st April 2019.

    Where a claim has been made for CTS and has not had a decision made on it by 1st April 2019, the Council will assess it using the relevant version of the Scheme in operation during the period the claimant is claiming for. This means that CTS entitlement would be calculated using the original version of the Scheme for any period up to and including 31st March 2019, and will then be automatically re-calculated using the new version of the Scheme from 1st April 2019.

Online security

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