A-Z of Services

A Fair Deal for DerbyCouncil and democracy
A safe DerbyCouncil and democracy
A strong Derby Council and democracy
A52 Wyvern Transport ImprovementsTransport and streets
Abandoned vehiclesTransport and streets
Abbey Street Area ConsultationTransport and streets
Abnormal loads - notificationTransport and streets
About commercial servicesTransport and streets
Access for disabled people Community and living
Access OsmastonEnvironment and planning
Accident reporting see Health and safety - accident reportingBusiness
Achieving Sustainable Development in DerbyEnvironment and planning
Acupuncture see Registration - tattoos, piercing, electrolysis and acupunctureBusiness
Adapting homesHousing
Additional support for Priority FamiliesHealth and social care
Admission appeals see School admissions - appealsEducation and learning
Admissions see Primary school admissionsEducation and learning
Admissions see Secondary school admissionsEducation and learning
Adult and community educationEducation and learning
Adult Care Homes and Day Centres Council and democracy
Adult education coursesEducation and learning
Adult gaming centreLeisure and culture
Adult seat belt on a child’s bodyTransport and streets
Adult Social Care - What is it?Health and social care
Adult Social Care ComplaintsCouncil and democracy
Adults and Health Scrutiny Review BoardCouncil and democracy
Advertise in DerbyBusiness
Advertise in the Bus StationBusiness
advertise licence application see Premises licencesLeisure and culture
Advertise to Derby Council staffBusiness
Advertising newsletterBusiness
Advice and benefitsAdvice and benefits
Advocacy service - Someone to speak on your behalfHealth and social care
Age Restricted ProductsAdvice and benefits
Aids and EquipmentHealth and social care
Air Quality in DerbyTransport and streets
Air Quality Management AreasTransport and streets
Alcohol licences see Licence - alcohol and entertainmentLeisure and culture
Alcohol, drugs and substance misuseHealth and social care
Allenton LibraryLeisure and culture
Allestree LibraryLeisure and culture
Allestree ParkLeisure and culture
Alvaston LibraryLeisure and culture
An ambitious DerbyCouncil and democracy
Animal Health and WelfareAdvice and benefits
Animal welfareEnvironment and planning
Annual accountsCouncil and democracy
Annual reportCouncil and democracy
Anti social behaviour and nuisanceCommunity and living
Ants - Information and AdviceEnvironment and planning
Appeal parking Penalty Charge Notices - information and adviceTransport and streets
Apprentice: Brighter DirectionsJobs and careers
Apprentice: Federal-Mogul MotorpartsJobs and careers
Apprentice: Holiday Inn Derby RiverlightsJobs and careers
Apprentice: One to One Support ServicesJobs and careers
Apprentice: PentaxiaJobs and careers
Apprentice: Signal House Group LtdJobs and careers
Approved traders see Buy with Confidence approved tradersAdvice and benefits
ArchaeologyEnvironment and planning
Archived documentsEducation and learning
Armed Forces Community CovenantCommunity and living
Armed Forces Community Covenant grant scheme Community and living
articleHealth and social care
articleAdvice and benefits
articleAdvice and benefits
Arts - information and adviceLeisure and culture
Arts - partnershipsLeisure and culture
Arts and entertainmentLeisure and culture
Arts Forum see Arts - information and adviceLeisure and culture
Ascot Drive Cycle Lane ConsultationTransport and streets
Assessment for adult social careHealth and social care
Assessments see PerformanceCouncil and democracy
assistance dogs see Taxis - customer information and adviceTransport and streets
Asylum and immigrationAdvice and benefits
audits see D2 Energy Efficiency Audits and GrantsEnvironment and planning
AutismEducation and learning
Autism see Support for people with AutismHealth and social care
AwardsCouncil and democracy
A-Z of recycling and rubbishEnvironment and planning