A-Z of Services

Early HelpHealth and social care
Early Help AssessmentHealth and social care
Early Years 0 -5Education and learning
Early Years and Nursery EducationTransport and streets
Easter holiday activities see School holiday activitiesEducation and learning
Economic information and analysisEnvironment and planning
Economic regenerationEnvironment and planning
Economic strategyEnvironment and planning
Education and learningEducation and learning
Education and SkillsCouncil and democracy
Education Welfare Service (EWS)Education and learning
EHC assessments and plansEducation and learning
Elected representativesCouncil and democracy
Election information 2018Council and democracy
Elections - Guide to Voting in DerbyCouncil and democracy
Elections - resultsCouncil and democracy
Electrolysis see Registration - tattoos, piercing, electrolysis and acupunctureBusiness
EmergenciesAdvice and benefits
Emergency plan see Civil emergencies - emergency planAdvice and benefits
Employment see Licence - child employmentEducation and learning
Empty homesHousing
Empty HomesHousing
End of Life CareHealth and social care
energy see D2 Energy Efficiency Case StudiesEnvironment and planning
energy see D2 Energy Efficiency Audits and GrantsEnvironment and planning
Energy - efficiency advice and assessmentEnvironment and planning
energy audit see D2 Energy Efficiency Audits and GrantsEnvironment and planning
energy efficiency see D2 Energy Efficiency frequently asked questionsEnvironment and planning
energy grant see D2 Energy Efficiency Audits and GrantsEnvironment and planning
Entertainment licences see Licence - alcohol and entertainmentLeisure and culture
Environment and planningEnvironment and planning
Environmental activitiesEducation and learning
Environmental healthEnvironment and planning
Equality Act 2010Community and living
Equality and diversityCommunity and living
Equality impact assessmentsCommunity and living
Equality impact assessments - 2007-12Community and living
European and other fundingBusiness
Evening Classes see Adult education coursesEducation and learning
EventsLeisure and culture
Exclusions see School - exclusion of pupilsEducation and learning
executive car exemption see Taxis - Licensed VehicleTransport and streets
Executive Scrutiny BoardCouncil and democracy
exhibiting animals see Performing Animals LicenceEnvironment and planning
explosive see Licences issued by other services Leisure and culture
External assessmentsCouncil and democracy
Extra care housingHousing
Extra-curricular activitiesEducation and learning