A-Z of Services

Fair tradingAdvice and benefits
Fair trading and pricingAdvice and benefits
Family entertainment centreLeisure and culture
Family Services DirectoryEducation and learning
Family showsLeisure and culture
Family Support ServicesHealth and social care
FAQs on most requested data on parking servicesTransport and streets
film bank see Premises licencesLeisure and culture
filming with drones see Licences issued by other services Leisure and culture
Finance and GovernanceCouncil and democracy
Financial advice see Planning for the futureHealth and social care
Find your local councillorCouncil and democracy
fishing see Licences issued by other services Leisure and culture
Fitting Tips – Bad and Negative Anchor PointsTransport and streets
Fitting Tips – Buckle Crunch Transport and streets
Fitting Tips – Position of Child’s Harness Transport and streets
Fitting Tips – Tightening Seat Belt – Rear FacingTransport and streets
Fleas - Information and AdviceEnvironment and planning
Flood and Water Management Act 2010Environment and planning
Flood Risk Asset RegisterEnvironment and planning
Flood risks see Civil emergencies - emergency planAdvice and benefits
Flooding see Roads - flooding - drains and gulliesTransport and streets
Flooding - Emergency ContactsEnvironment and planning
Flooding and Land DrainageEnvironment and planning
Flooding Data RequestsEnvironment and planning
Floor FactoryAdvice and benefits
Fluvial (Main River) FloodingEnvironment and planning
Fluvial (Ordinary Watercourse) FloodingEnvironment and planning
Flyposting - reporting and removalEnvironment and planning
Fly-tippingEnvironment and planning
FOI see Open data and freedom of informationCouncil and democracy
Food Borne Illness and PoisoningHealth and social care
Food Businesses - registering a new food business see Registration - food businessesHealth and social care
Food ContaminationAdvice and benefits
Food labelling and compositionHealth and social care
Food poisoningHealth and social care
Food production - hygieneHealth and social care
Food Production GuidesAdvice and benefits
Food safety - inspectionsHealth and social care
Food Safety and HygieneHealth and social care
Former Debenhams building siteEnvironment and planning
Forums - how you can take partCouncil and democracy
Fostering and adoption Health and social care
Fraud see Benefits - fraud investigationAdvice and benefits
Fraud see Reporting fraudAdvice and benefits
Free early learning for three and four year oldsEducation and learning
Free early learning for two year oldsEducation and learning
free literature distribution permit see Licence - distribution of free printed materialBusiness
Free school mealsEducation and learning
Freedom of Information see Open data and freedom of informationCouncil and democracy
Funding see European and other fundingBusiness
Funding see Voluntary organisations - fundingCommunity and living
Funding and GrantsTransport and streets
Funding your care see Planning for the futureHealth and social care
Funeral - burialsCommunity and living
Funeral - cremationsCommunity and living
Funerals see Deaths, funerals and cremationsCommunity and living
Future in MindHealth and social care
Future of Carers ServicesCouncil and democracy