Advertising FAQs

  • Do you have an advertising policy?

    Our advertising Policy

    We are committed to developing appropriate advertising and sponsorship opportunities, to support core activities either directly or indirectly. It will encourage commercial relationships which do not conflict with the delivery of our strategic goals.

    Our Advertising and sponsorship policy ‌aims to provide helpful advice to prospective advertisers and sponsors on what is, and is not, acceptable form of advertising for the Council.

    The policy relates to advertising and sponsorship opportunities connected to the Council’s assets, services, events and other activities that it has responsibility for. Please read and understand what is and is not, acceptable for the Council to advertise before you contact us.

  • Are there any types of advertising you won’t accept?

    Yes, all advertising must comply with our Advertising and Sponsorship Policy.

    We won’t accept advertising if:

    • may result in the Council being subject to prosecution
    • promotes gambling
    • promotes payday loans
    • refers to tobacco or similar products
    • promotes the misuse of alcohol or promotes the use of alcohol to children
    • might be deemed inappropriate for children, for example, adult content
    • appears to influence support for a political party/candidate
    • appears to conflict with our wider promotion of healthy and active lifestyles
    • appears to promote racial or sexual discrimination or discrimination on the basis of disability, faith, gender or age
    • is the subject of a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority and upheld by such authority as a legitimate complaint.

    The above list is not exhaustive, and the Council retains the right to refuse advertising on the grounds that, in the Council’s opinion, it is inappropriate, or it conflicts with services already provided by the organisation.

  • Are there any restrictions on artwork design?

    Yes. Due to planning conditions, roundabouts, roadside and event boards have restrictions on the size of the any text. Please view our Design guidelines for more information. Full details will be provided.

  • Can the Council design the artwork?

    Yes. Our In-house Design team offer creative and innovative solutions for your advertising needs. From just £50 + VAT per hour we will work with you to create the perfect advert to promote your business, designed with our advertising standards in mind. You can discuss this with the Advertising team who will be happy to help. 

  • What happens if there are roadworks near my advert?

    Should the area around your asset become blocked by roadworks the Council will refund you on a pro-rata basis, as stated in any contracts. 

    If an asset is damaged in a road traffic collision, the advert will be replaced at the cost of the Council, at the earlier opportunity. 

  • When does artwork have to be submitted?

    We require all artwork to be submitted at least 10 days before the chosen installation date. Ideally, we would prefer artwork to be submitted at the earliest available date. 

  • Are discounts available for block booking?

    Yes, we take into consideration the number of assets and duration of the booking when sending quotes. Each contract with us varies, for more information, please email us.

  • What does a good advert look like?

    A good advert will have a strong call-to-action, be informative and not appear cluttered or busy, which may detract from the overall effect of the advert. Below, we've added some examples of what we think are good adverts.

    Crowdfunding Event Board  

  • How can I pay for my advert?

    To meet the needs of our clients we accept monthly, quarterly and yearly payments for any assets booked with us. 

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