Coronavirus (COVID-19)

National restrictions are in place - check out the latest COVID-19 guidance.

Latest news and COVID-19

06/03/2020 - Department for Education Coronavirus Helpline

A new helpline has been launched to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education.

Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

  • Phone: 0800 046 8687
  • Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

  • No school should close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) COVID-19 case unless advised to do so by Public Health England.

Where to find the latest information

Updates on COVID-19:

Guidance for educational settings:

Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:

12/03/2021 - FEEE Summer Term 2021 Estimate Submissions

The synergy online portal will be open from Monday 15 March 2021 to Friday 26 March 2021 to collect your provision's FEEE estimate submissions for summer term 2021.

To avoid overclaims of funding, please make sure when submitting your provision's estimate funded hours for summer term that you only include funded children that are expecting to attend your provision from 19 April 2021 and where possible:

  • you have a fully completed parental contract in place
  • you have had conversations with children's parents/guardians to confirm their child will be attending your provision from 19 April 2021.

If you have no funded children expected to attend your provision for summer term please submit zero hours on the portal.

12/03/2021 - FEEE Spring Term 2021 Adjustment Payments

Spring term 2021 adjustments have been processed ahead of schedule and payments will be with you on Friday 19 March 2021. To check your payments due, visit the Spring Term 2021 adjustments tab of the Synergy online portal.

If your provisions overall adjustments total a negative value, you will receive an invoice from Derby City Council to collect this funding. Usually, negative values of funding are carried forward into the following term and reduced from your provision's next balancing payment due. However, due to the end of the financial year, we must send invoices to collect any overpayments of funding so they can be accounted for in the financial year they relate to.

16/02/2021 - PPE Funding Payments - Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021

If you have put a claim in for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) funding and you have received a FEEE payment in the last year you will receive your PPE payments on Friday 19 February 2021.

If you have put a claim in for PPE and you are not currently on our directory of providers delivering FEEE, or you have not received a FEEE payment in the last year, your payment will be processed manually and you will receive payment on Friday 26 February 2021.

To reconcile your PPE payments for Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021, please visit the synergy online portal adjustment tab for Spring 2021.

15/02/2021 - FEEE Funding Rates 2021/2022

The new FEEE funding rates for Derby city childcare providers has been set and will come into effect from April 2021 - summer term.

The new rates will be as follows:

  • 2 year funding will be paid at a flat rate of £5.36 per hour.
  • 3 and 4 year old universal and extended funding will be paid at a base rate of £4.43 per hour, with additional child funding weightings paid against universal and extended hours at 20p per hour for EAL (children with English as an additional language), 20p per hour for children living in a 20-40% deprived IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) postcode area and 60p per hour for children living in a 20% IMD deprived postcode area.
  • All eligible EYPP (Early Years Pupil Premium) claims will be paid for 3&4 year old children at a rate of 53p per hour on universal hours only.
  • DAF (Disability Access Funding) for 3 and 4 year old children will be paid at rate of £615 per year.

15/02/2021 - Two year old take up data within Derby

This Spring 2021 two year old take up data within Derby shows the number of children that may be eligible for two year old funding in your local area that have not taken up a place. Please use this to support with your promotion and take up of two year old funding.