Childcare Providers Funding Page

This page is aimed specifically at our childcare providers in Derby city and holds information on funding options that parents may be entitled to use within your settings. This page will also provide details of deadlines for headcounts and other funding-related news.

Recent News and Information 

2yr Extended Criteria Application Process

Following the recent update on the extended criteria for 2 year funding sent by the Department for Education' (DfE), we have now published the 2yr DfE Guidance on Assessing Eligibility and the 2yr Extended Application Form in the dowloads section at the bottom of this page. If parents meet any of the extended criteria, childcare providers will need to complete the application form and return by post to the address detailed at the bottom of the application form. If the application form is approved by the Families Information Service a eligibility letter will be sent to the parent /carer.

FEEE Compliance Audit Request

Can you please complete the FEEE Compliance Request Sept 2019 form and return to Derby City Council with a copy of your provisions pricing policy by Friday 27 September 2019.  This information will form part of your provisions FEEE Compliance Audit and allow us to support you with the funding if needed.

Maintained Schools Autumn 2019 Submission

As previously mentioned in the schools circular commencing autumn term 2019, all schools must now put all 2, 3 and 4 year old child data onto the synergy online portal to receive your schools funding.  Schools must also ensure the data submitted on the synergy online portal matches the termly census data submitted to the Department for Education.

2 Year Old Funding Extended Criteria

The Department for Education has issued a letter 2 Year Old Funding Extended Criteria the new items of criteria have been added to the notes section of the parental contract located in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.  Can you please ensure parents are aware of the new criteria items when applying for Flying Start for Two Year Old Funding, the new criteria will apply from September 2019.


If you want to claim EYPP for any children on your autumn 2019 headcount please remember to complete all details in the parent/carer tab of the online portal and tick the box to give consent for an eligibility check to be performed.  If any details are missing the check cannot be performed and you may miss out on EYPP funding.

Autumn 2019 - Actuals

The portal is now open for 2, 3 and 4 year old actual submissions, EYPP and DAF claims, and will remain open until Friday 4 October 2019. We have carried forward all eligible children from summer 2019 to autumn 2019 on the portal and performed a 30 hour check on all voucher codes to reflect any recent revalidatons parents have made with HMRC. For any new 30 hour codes being processed for autumn term 2019, the code start date must fall on or before 31 August 2019, the code end date must fall on or after the 9 September 2019 and the grace period end date must fall on or after 31 December 2019. 

PACEY Survey for Childminders

The number of registered childminders in Derby has dropped significantly and interestingly this is being echoed across the country. PACEY are running a survey delivered by the University of Plymouth to investigate why this is. The project is analysing the recruitment, retention and professional role of childminding in England and Wales.

Can Derby childminders please get involved and take this opportunity to voice your experiences, the outcome will help us to manage sufficiency and plan for any future recruitment campaign if needed.


Autumn 2019 - Estimates

The portal is now closed for estimate submissions, 70% payments will be with you on Friday 23 August 2019.

Summer 2019 - Adjustment and DAF Payments

If you have put in any 2, 3 and 4 year old adjustments or DAF claims for summer term 2019 payments will be with you Friday 26 July 2019.  Please check the amount on your remittance back to the online portal adjustments tab which will detail what the payment is for.

Stretched Funding - Set up

If you will be delivering stretched funding at your provision from autumn term 2019 you will need to read the Stretched Funding Pro Rata Guidance and complete and return the Stretched Funding Provider Declaration Form to us by 31 August 2019 to enable you to submit your stretched funding claims on the online portal from autumn 2019.

Extended Entitlement Parent Survey

Thanks to all providers for your support with distributing the survey to parents, please see the results from the survey here Extended Entitlement Parent Survey 2019


Provider Portal

Below is the link for you to access the provider portal where you can record child and parent information for funding purposes. The provider portal is also where you can complete quick update forms and staffing records. You must also inform Ofsted about any changes to your address, telephone number or email address. You can read the guidance we have put together on using the portal in the downloads section at the bottom of this page. 

Childcare Choices

Thank you all for all of your support in promoting the Childcare Choices website to parents and carers. We use a folder of publicity banners for social media to promote key dates and cut off points for families to be aware of. Please make use of this folder when creating your own social media content. 

Early Years Funding Formula Rates 2019/2020

The Council Cabinet have now approved the Early Years funding rates for all sectors which will take effect from 1 April 2019. The universal 3 and 4 year old hourly rate will be £4.23 as well as the extended free childcare rate. There will be additional supplements available for some 3 and 4 year old funded children.

These will be a 60p per hour supplement for children from a 20% IMD postcode or 20p per hour supplement for 20-40% IMD postcode and a 20p per hour supplement for children with EAL (English as a second language). 

Three and four year old children may also be entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium if they meet the criteria for this an extra 53p per hour is paid on the universal hours only.

Any three and four year old children in receipt of Disability Living Allowance will qualify for Disability Access Funding (DAF) this is a one off payment of £615 paid yearly.

The hourly rate for 2 year olds from 1 April 2019 will be £5.20. There are no additional supplements available for 2 year old funded children.

The Council have published the budget for Maintained Nursery’s and PVI’s and the budgets are on our website

Submitting your Funding Claims

You can watch how to submit your funding claims on the portal by watching this helpful video 

Take up of Funded 2 Year Old Childcare

We now have the most up to date information about the take up of funded two year old places in Derby for the for summer term 2019 which includes children submitted for actuals and adjustments. The data has been broken down into wards to help identify where further work needs to be concentrated to encourage more families to benefit from funded childcare. We appreciate all of your hard work in letting families know about the Flying Start scheme and the benefits it has, any promotion you can do within your settings will have a positive impact on the below figures for next term.

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