Romance Fraud

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Romance Scams

Romance fraud plays on your emotions, scammers gain your trust online via dating or other online chat rooms. You might think you have found love online. Be careful and look out for the warning signs that the person may not be who they say they are.
This kind of scam can happen via an internet-based dating agency or online dating chat room. The scammers behind romance fraud are carefully creating a fake relationship, using photos, sending intimate messages and mimicking genuine dating to build your trust to start asking for your money.

A romance scam often ends up involving a problem that requires you to send money in order to help your love interest.
So make sure your head rules your heart, if you develop a relationship online via emails, text messages and phone calls.

Be aware of these tips:

  • Does your new love interest look too good to be true?
  • How much do you know about them? Do they ask you all the questions?
  • Are they being very familiar very quickly using pet names for example?
  • Are you being asked to communicate away from the dating website or chat room where you met?
  • Have they told you basic information about where they live and work?
  • Are you being asked to send them money to pay for visits or help out with their problems?
  • Are you being asked to send personal or intimate photos to them?


Trust your instincts. If you think something feels wrong, it probably is.
Never send money or give credit card or online account details to anyone you don’t know and trust.

If you have been a victim of Romance Fraud:


  • Report it to
  • Report it to the dating site or chat room you are using
  • Break off all contact immediately
  • Report the fraudster to the website or chat room operator
  • Do not send any more money.

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