Domestic abuse


How can I get help?

If you need any advice or support and you live in Derby City, please contact the Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate Team on 07812 300927. If you or somebody you know is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, the team can help by:

  • explaining the Criminal Justice system
  • putting in place a full package of support
  • making referrals to other services that can help
  • arranging court support if needed.

If you need any advice or support and you live in Derbyshire call the Derbyshire helpline number on 0800 0198 668.

In an emergency, please dial 999.

What is domestic abuse?

The definition of domestic abuse used by Derby City and Derbyshire County partners is the one used by the Home Office:

Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality.

Sexual violence and abuse can be defined as any behaviour perceived to be of a sexual nature which is unwanted and takes place without consent or understanding.

The definition of serious sexual violence used by Derbyshire County and Derby City partners is as follows:

Serious sexual violence includes:

  • rape
  • assault by penetration
  • inducement, threat or deception to procure sexual activity with a person with a mental impairment (involving penetrative activity)
  • incest.

What's happening in Derby and Derbyshire to combat domestic abuse?

We are working with Derbyshire County Council and other local partners to combat domestic abuse in the city. Here is more information about what's happening in the city and in the county.

Since 2010 it has become increasingly apparent that domestic abuse and serious sexual violence are areas where partners need to work together in the county and the city.

Working together has given us the opportunity to share a wide range of knowledge and experience. We are able to agree shared local priorities, targets, share resources and streamline processes.

Local domestic abuse action groups (DAAG) have been established across Derbyshire, including one for Derby. The role of these groups is to tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence at a district and city level.

The aim of the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy is to provide a framework around which both statutory and voluntary agencies will continue to work together over the next three years our priorities are:

  • Prevention - Engaging and raising awareness with victims, perpetrators, professionals and communities to identify and prevent domestic violence and abuse and sexual violence.
  • Protection - Victims of domestic violence and abuse and sexual violence are protected and perpetrators are held to account for their behaviour.
  • Provision - Meet the needs of victims by providing high quality and consistent services at a local level on a risk-based approach.

What is a forced marriage?

This is a marriage that happens without the full and free consent of both people. Force can include physical force, being emotionally pressurised, being threatened or being a victim of psychological abuse. Forced marriages are not the same as arranged marriages. In an arranged marriage families take the lead in selecting and introducing a marriage partner and the couple have free will and choice to accept or reject the arrangement.

What is honour based violence?

This is when a person is punished by their family and/or community for behaving in a way that is believed to have brought shame or dishonour. This type of violence can be distinguished from other forms of violence, as it is often committed with some involvement or co-operation from the family and/or community. 

What support is available?

If you or somebody you know is a victim of forced marriage or honour-based violence, please contact staff from the Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate team on 07812 300927.

We can help by:

  • Explaining the criminal justice system and arranging for statements to be taken by the Police.
  • Putting in place a full package of support and making referrals to other services that can help.
  • Arranging support to attend court if needed.
  • Working with solicitors from Derby City Council, they can also apply to Court for Civil Protection Orders and/or Forced Marriage Protection Orders (FMPO).

What is a Forced Marriage Protection Order?

A victim of forced marriage, or somebody else on their behalf, can apply to Court in England and Wales for a Forced Marriage Protection Order. This order is granted by a judge and can be used to prevent someone being forced into a marriage or to protect someone who has already been the victim of a forced marriage.

The order aims to change the behaviour of anyone who is trying to force someone into marriage. It is a legal document and places conditions on their behaviour. If they disobey the order they could be arrested and sent to prison for up to two years. 

What is a domestic homicide review?

A domestic homicide review (DHR) is a review of the circumstances in which the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by:

  • a person to whom they were related or with whom they had been in an intimate personal relationship
  • a member of the same household as themselves.

A copy of the multi-agency statutory guidance for the conduct of domestic homicide reviews is available on the Safer Derbyshire website along with relevant Home Office information leaflets.


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