Stay safe online

The internet is a very useful tool. It provides vast opportunities to communicate, transform businesses and gather information. However it also presents opportunities for cyber criminals.

The internet and online activities have now become central to the way people live their lives. The nature of some 'traditional' crime types has changed by the use of computers and other technology such as mobile phones.

Tackling Cyber Crime is a main priority for the government, the Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

We are working closely with other partners to deliver information to educate people and raise awareness of online dangers and to empower people to protect themselves against becoming victims of online crime. Where people have already fallen victim to this type of crime we aim to signpost them to the relevant support services who can help.

Our focus will be:

The way criminals commit crime has changed as they have taken advantage of the opportunities of new technology. We have the same opportunities but need to adapt to defend ourselves against the broadband burglar.


We have created a handy poster providing advice, tips and resource links to help you stay safe online. This is available in many languages, please click below to download now.


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