How are we performing?

‌How do we monitor and report our performance?

We monitor how well we are performing across the Council every quarter (three months). This shows what we are doing well and where we need to take action to improve. Our performance measures reflect the priorities from our Council Plan and business plans for each department.

Every year, the Council Cabinet agrees a 'Council Scorecard', which contains around 40 key performance measures across four areas:

  • Safe
  • Strong
  • Ambitious
  • Resilient

We regularly check our performance for every measure in the Scorecard against its target and the direction of travel, and we report performance to senior managers, the Council Cabinet and the Scrutiny Boards

You can find copies of our performance reports on the Committee Management Information System (CMIS). We report performance to Council Cabinet every quarter (usually in September, November, February and July). Our performance results for 2017/18 are available for you to view and 2018/19 will be coming soon.

Where performance is not as good as expected we will sometimes hold Performance Surgeries, which are sessions chaired by Scrutiny Councillors. Here we look at causes of underperformance in particular services and how things can be improved. Action plans are then prepared and monitored.

Each year we review our performance against all of our priorities, objectives and performance targets to see if we have achieved everything that we planned to. We publish this information in our Annual Report. The report shows residents how their money has been spent and the improvements we have made.

For more information on the performance report, please contact the Policy and Insight team.

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