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In response to the global pandemic, the government invited local authorities to create an environment that was safe for both walking and cycling and which allowed people to get around whilst maintaining social distance. The guidance encouraged authorities to act to embed walking and cycling as part of new long-term commuting habits and to reap the associated health, air quality and decongestion benefits.

The Government's intention was to challenge existing travel behaviour, by promoting active travel using pop-up and temporary interventions including road closures, with exemptions for sustainable travel, where other main roads could be kept free for through motor traffic.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of active travel, not only as a method of maintaining social distancing and avoiding overcrowding on public transport but as beneficial to health and wellbeing, air quality and reducing congestion.

Due to the rapid nature of the pandemic we recognise that the changes have been introduced swiftly at Corporation Street, Victoria Street and Albert Street and we have not been able to consult widely with everyone. We would like to know your initial views on the city centre Emergency Active Travel Scheme by emailing your comments to us at Traffic.Management@derby.gov.uk.

  • Start date: 03/11/2020
  • Closing date: 31/01/2021

Consultation details

Title: City centre – COVID-19 Emergency Active Travel Schemes

Start date: 03/11/2020
Closing date: 31/01/2021

Status: OPEN

Why are we consulting?

We would like your feedback on the changes that were made in the city centre. These were created to provide a safer environment for shoppers and visitors to the city, and included:

  • creating more space for pedestrians using the footways and those waiting to catch buses
  • the provision of wider footways to aid social distancing and provide a more pleasant shopping environment
  • implementing additional highway measures to reduce congestion to lessen delays, noise from vehicles and improve air quality within the city centre

The scheme for the city centre involved:

  • making Victoria Street and Albert Street one way for use by buses, taxis and cyclists only, with a contraflow cycle lane. Buses and taxis travelling from Friar Gate and Curzon Street are diverted via Bold Lane, Cathedral Road, Full Street and Corporation Street
  • making Corporation Street buses, taxis and cyclists only between 7am and 7pm enforced with new traffic enforcement cameras like those used in bus lanes and other city centre restricted streets. This supports the increased number of buses and taxis using the street resulting from the Victoria Street and Albert Street changes. Other motorists must use the Inner Ring Road to reach their destination during the times the restriction is in force
  • altering bus lay-bys to provide more space for social distancing
  • removing on street parking to provide more space for social distancing
  • suspending some bus stops to provide more space for social distancing. New bus stops have been provided on Corporation Street
  • potential for tree planting and new street furniture

Who are we consulting?

Feedback is welcomed from all who work, live, visit or study in Derby.

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council

Lead contact: 

Stephen Gaskin
Telephone: 01332 641788
Email: Traffic.Management@derby.gov.uk

How can I take part?

Email your comments to Traffic.Management@derby.gov.uk.

Start date: 22/01/21
Closing date: 16/04/21

Status: OPEN

Why are we consulting?

We are seeking your views about how we will support children’s speech, language and communication in the under 5’s age group over the next 5 years.

Who are we consulting?

The target audience for this consultation is: residents of Derby, Commissioners of Children’s Services, Service Directors in Health and Education, Education providers for pre-school children, Strategic Stakeholders and practitioners in Children’s Services.

Organisation carrying out the consultation 

Derby City Council

Lead contact

Jo Flanagan
Telephone: 07876217509
Email: joanne.flanagan@derby.gov.uk

How can I take part?

More information

View The Balanced System® speech, language and communication pathway 

Early Years Speech, Language and Communications documents:

This questionnaire may also be available in other formats. If you require a different format, please email yourcityyoursay@derby.gov.uk.


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