Proposals for a new segregated cycle lane along Ascot Drive

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Proposals for a new segregated cycle lane along Ascot Drive

Start date: 18/10/2016
Closing date: 18/11/2016
Status: Closed
Why are we consulting?

We are seeking views on proposals to build a segregated cycle lane along Ascot Drive.  This will allow cyclists to travel safely on this busy road separated from motor traffic by means of a physical barrier.  

Segregated cycle lanes help reduce traffic congestion and cut pollution. They encourage more people to get on their bikes and contribute to creating a healthy, attractive environment for people and businesses alike.  Careful planning will ensure good access to the businesses located along Ascot Drive.  This will bring real benefits to the local economy and improve life for everyone, whether or not they are cyclists.  We look forward to hearing responses to the consultation and encourage you to take part.

Who are we consulting?

Local businesses and their employees, residents, cycling interest groups and other interested stakeholders.

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council
Lead contact/s:

Aidan Ryrie
Tel. number: 01332 641778
Email address:

Delia Bower
Tel. number: 01332 641771
Email address:

How can I take part?

This Consultation is now closed

Please let us know your views on these proposals by taking part in our online survey.


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