Condition of licensed vehicles survey

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Public Consultation on the condition of licensed vehicles

Start date: 04/05/2018
Closing date: 27/07/2018
Status: Open
Why are we consulting?

The Council aims to ensure that taxi and private hire vehicles are of a good standard. It recognises that the high mileage and general wear and tear sustained by vehicles will have an impact on their continued serviceability over a period of time. Correspondence received from Derbyshire Constabulary also raised concerns about the condition and safety of the private hire and hackney carriage fleet in the city.

In the interests of passenger safety and comfort and in support of air quality concerns, the Council is proposing to change the frequency of licensed vehicle testing and introduce a new requirement that all new vehicle licences are only issued to vehicles that are less than a certain age. Comments are being sought on different age limits.

Who are we consulting?

Members of the public, licensed trade, licensed drivers, trade organisations and statutory bodies

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council  
Lead contact:

Licensing Team

Contact number: 01332 641951

Contact email address:

How can I take part?


Complete the online survey.


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