Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme for Derby

Consultation Details

Title: Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme from 01/04/2017 for Derby
Start date: 05/08/2016
Closing date: 28/10/2016
Status: Closed
Why are we consulting?

We are consulting about proposed changes to our Council Tax Support Scheme (CTS) so that from 1 April 2017 it…

  • Explores the options for making financial efficiencies for the Council
  • Is more aligned with the Housing Benefit (HB) Scheme to ensure consistency and save confusion for claimants.

 CTS helps people who have a low income, or no income, to pay their Council Tax. The proposed changes to our CTS Scheme will affect working age claimants. Pensioners are protected under separate legislation, and are not affected by our CTS Scheme, or the proposed changes to it.

Our CTS Scheme sets out how we administer CTS in Derby, and how we decide whether or not someone who makes a claim will receive support to pay their Council Tax.

Who are we consulting?

This consultation is open to everyone who lives, works or studies in Derby and wants to take part. We want to hear the views of everyone, whether you are a current recipient of CTS or not.

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council
Lead contact/s:

John Massey
Head of Revenues, Benefits and Exchequer Services

Beverley Parks
Benefits Manager

Derby City Council
Council House
Corporation Street

Phone: 01332 293111

Minicom: 01332 640666

How can I take part?

This consultation is now closed

You can read the details about the proposed CTS Scheme for 2017/18 and Frequently Asked Question and give your feedback through our online form. 

We would like people to respond online, where they can, as this minimises the costs of printing and postage. It costs the Council £1.25 per questionnaire extra for you to respond using a paper questionnaire which is sent out and returned through the post, so we encourage you to pass on your feedback online if you are able to. There are public computers available in the Council House, Corporation Street, Derby and in Derby libraries where you can access information about this consultation online.

You can also view further information about Welfare Reform on our website and the Cabinet Report regarding Council Tax Support for 2016 on CMIS.

If you need this information in another format such as a paper form or an Easy Read version for those with learning difficulties, please email or phone: 01332 293111 Minicom: 01332 640666.