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Title: Consultation on the Derby and Nottingham Metropolitan Strategy 2030
Start date: 21/07/2016
Closing date: 19/09/2016
Status: Closed
Why are we consulting?

We are consulting about the new Metropolitan Strategy 2030 and draft Action Plan.

In global terms, Derby and Nottingham are two relatively small cities; but combined, the Derby/Nottingham urban area is one of the top 30 population centres in Europe. Over 40,000 people regularly commute between Derby and Nottingham. The cities are already closely tied and we believe that by working more closely together we can make them even better.

Together, we will be able to 'punch above our weight' when it comes to establishing a national presence and international reputation - and this will help us make the most of opportunities such as HS2, the Midlands Engine and foreign trade and investment. This will be good for our cities, good for our citizens and good for the wider economy.

The Metro Strategy sets out a vision of what we want the Derby and Nottingham area to look like by 2030, underpinned by four 'big ambitions'. It is supported by a three year Action Plan that identifies areas for immediate action as well as establishing a framework for longer term collaboration.

We would like to know your views on these plans and any other ideas, suggestions or feedback you may have as a local business or as an individual who lives, works or studies in the Derby, Nottingham or the wider metropolitan area.

By taking part in this consultation you will be helping to shape the future of our two cities and supporting Derby and Nottingham to become one of the UK's and Europe's most important urban areas.

Who are we consulting?

This consultation is open to everyone who lives, works or studies in Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding areas. 

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council and Nottingham City Council
Lead contact/s:

Verna Bayliss


How can I take part?

Please note, this consultation is now closed.

You can view Metro Strategy Action Plan, the Metro Strategy FAQs and the Metro Strategy Vision and have your say through our online form.

If you need this information in another format, such as a paper version, please email

Viewing the results:

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