Reach Out Panel recruitment 2016

Reach Out Panel Details

Title: Reach Out Panel - Recruiting for members
Start date: 30/09/2016
Closing date: 28/02/2016
Status: Closed
Why join the panel?

The Reach Out Panel is one of the methods used by the Council to involve and consult local people in the Council’s decision making process. The panel is made up of local people who live in Derby.

Members of the Reach Out panel receive one panel survey every year and receive regular communication on other consultations being carried out by the council and their partners.

Residents can join the Reach Out panel to have their say and are regularly kept informed about the consultations being carried out in Derby.

Who can join the panel? All residents living in Derby
Organisation supporting the Reach Out Panel: Derby City Council
Lead contact/s:

Shelley Harrod
Consultation Officer
Derby City Council


How can I join the panel?

Recruitment is now closed, if you would like to join the panel please email


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