Derby's Big Conversation

Consultation Details

Title: Derby's Big Conversation
Start date: March 2014
Closing date: April 2017
Status: Closed
Why are we consulting?

Derby’s Big Conversation is about exploring the challenges facing the city due to the cuts in funding to public sector service providers. It is also about developing a strong and meaningful long-term vision for Derby.

Our ‘Your Council, Your Money, Your Views’ Budget Simulator was open between 21 July 2014 and 31 March 2015.

The Budget Simulator challenged participants to balance the Council’s overall budget by £60m by setting the budget for services and raising fees, charges and Council Tax. View the results of the Consultation.

Who are we consulting?

Anyone with an interest in the future of Derby; residents, those visiting or working in Derby as well as all other members of the community including businesses and voluntary organisations.

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council
Lead contact/s:
Shelley Harrod, Consultation Officer
Hannah Chapman, Consultation Officer
Telephone: 01332 640745
How can I take part?

This consultation is now closed

Our ‘Your Council, Your Money, Your Views’ Budget Simulator is now closed, it was open between 21 July 2014 and 31 March 2015.

Find out more about Derby's Big Conversation and how these budget cuts affect the city.

You can give your views about which services are most important to you, your family and your community by completing our Big Conversation Feedback Form.

Link to results:

Derby's Big Conversation Main Findings - Report on the Feedback Received between 21 July and 20 November 2014.

Council Cabinet Report 18 February 2015 - Big Conversation Budget Simulator 'Your Council, Your Money, Your Views' and Budget Consultation 2015/16.

Minutes of the Council Cabinet meeting, 18 February 2015.

Full Council meeting, 4 March 2015 - Supplementary Budget Document.


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