Carers Pathway: Consultation about advice, information and peer support

Consultation Details


Carers Pathway: Consultation about advice, information and peer support

Start date: 19/07/2019
Closing date: 13/09/2019
Status: Closed
Why are we consulting?

Carers play a crucial role in supporting families and we want to support them with the most suitable and relevant services that we can. Derby City Council, our partners and stakeholders all wish to improve outcomes for Carers and their families.

We are seeking views on what Carers need in terms of advice, information and peer support. The purpose of this consultation is to gather the views of Carers, local people, and local stakeholders so that we can better understand what support is most valued and what would make a difference to Carers. In particular, this is to inform how we deliver advice, information and peer support to Carers and improvements that Carers would like to see in relation to this. Carers’ views are very important to us, and we wish to build on what we already understand are the priorities. The feedback received will be reviewed and it will help us to shape the local support available for Carers.

Who are we consulting?

Carers, Carers support organisations, the cared for, stakeholders and the general public, especially those “seldom heard” groups who constitute a significant proportion of service users, including BME groups, older people and those with learning differences. All those with an interest in Carers services within Derby 

Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council  
Lead contact:

Adrian McNaney

Contact number: 01332 642752


How can I take part?

You can take part by completing the online survey.

If you would like to complete a paper version of the questionnaire please email or call 01332 642752 Minicom 01332 640666 to request one. 


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