Single Discretionary Award Consult

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Change to the Single Discretionary Award Policy for 2020/21

Start date: 23/09/19
Closing date: 03/11/19 
Status: Open
Why are we consulting?

We are consulting about a proposed change to our Single Discretionary Award (SDA) Policy for Derby.  

The Single Discretionary Award (SDA) Policy helps people who have a low income, or no income, to pay their rent and Council Tax.  It also provides a support programme which includes money advice, digital skills support, housing advice, health and well being advice, benefits advice and better off calculations, education and training towards work support.

The SDA Policy sets out how we administer the SDA in Derby, and how we decide whether or not someone who makes a claim will receive support.  The SDA is made up of Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs), Council Tax Hardship (CTH) and Local Assistance (LAS).

DHPs can provide help with rent payments for some benefit claimants who live in rented housing.  The funding for DHPs from Central Government has reduced and the proposed change is designed to ensure that from next year the awards made under the SDA Policy meet the reduced funding available.

We are proposing to make a change to the Policy.  The change would mean that from 1 April 2020 it will not be possible for most SDA claimants to receive a second DHP award during the same financial year.  In 2018/19 this would have affected about 180 households.

The proposed change will not affect our Priority Groups, who can receive up to 12 months' award in the same financial year.  Details of the Priority Groups are set out in the SDA Policy.

This consultation will enable anybody in Derby, whether they are a recipient of SDA or not, to have their say about our proposed change.

Who are we consulting? This consultation is open to everyone who lives, works or studies in Derby and wants to take part.  We want to hear the views of everyone, whether you are a current recipient of the SDA or not.
Organisation carrying out the consultation: Derby City Council  
Lead contact:

John Massey                           
Head of Revenues, Benefits & Exchequer Services

Bernard Fenton

Head of Customer Management


Phone: (01332) 640000  Minicom: (01332) 640666

How can I take part?

You can read the details about the proposed change to our SDA Policy online and give your feedback through our online form

There are public computers available in the Council House, Corporation Street, Derby and in Derby libraries where you can access information about this consultation online.

If you need this information in another format such as a paper form or an Easy Read version for those with learning difficulties, please email or call 01332 642752 Minicom 01332 640666 to request one.   


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